Stop Automatic billing members their dues

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    Asked on February 14, 2020 at 01:46 PM

    Please assist me in setting up my annual membership dues form to NOT auto bill people.  They need to complete the form and submit payment on their own.  I am working with stripe now and they indicate the current form I have need to be re-written differently

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    Answered on February 14, 2020 at 03:10 PM

    Hi @NCRHAJotForm!

    Thank you for contacting our support team.

    When you set up your Stripe integration you have the option of making recurring payments possible from within your Product settings. There you will be able to define how the automatic bills are handled and if you wish to remove the recurring payments you will need to change the type of payment. I suggest you use this helpful user guide to assist you in accomplishing this: How-to-Setup-a-Recurring-Payment-Option

    Also, if you would like us to test a solution for you, please provide us with the URL of the form in question and we will certainly do so.

    Please do get back to us so that we may investigate this matter further, we look forward to your response!

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    Answered on February 14, 2020 at 03:50 PM
    Thank you for getting back to me! I’m freaked out. I don’t want to set up recurring payments. I see that I set up the dues as subscriptions, which only always me to choose daily, monthly, quarterly, and so forth until annual auto-billing. I don’t even want annually. I don’t want auto-billing.
    I want our members to fill out a form and pay either by credit card or mail a check. (actually, I wouldn’t mind figuring out how to add ACH too)
    I keep track of their memberships on an annual basis by the form they complete. Then I compare it to their payment. I can’t have people automatically paying when no form is completed.
    Should I create the dues as a Product instead? Can you see in my account the form called Extra Membership Form?
    If this is correct and I should use Product payment so it only runs their payment once? Then next year, they complete the form and run their payment again?
    Really appreciate your help. I had to refund 15 people and now I have to go into my Stripe account and likely delete more recurring payments that are soon to run…
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    Answered on February 14, 2020 at 04:59 PM

    Hi NCRHAJotForm,

    If you want to charge your customers only when they fill out the form (presumably, on a yearly basis), then yes. Using products is the best way to setup your form.

    The current state of your form is correct.

    You can follow this guide if you want to Integrate Stripe ACH to your form.

    However, you can only have 1 payment integration per form.

    You may need to setup a Multiple Payment Form.

    This is an example form:

    Please let us know if you require further assistance.

    Thank you.