Complicated Quote Construction with Jotform

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    Asked on February 16, 2021 at 03:48 AM


    We need to create an online form to allow us to provide a quote to our customers for their used mobile phones.

    The quote we will offer will depend on a range of inputs such as the device model, memory capacity, condition, network, etc.

    Due to this, we need to be able to connect the form builder to an Excel spreadsheet or similar where we will store all the prices in a large table.

    Once the customer has completed the form we need their quote to be instantly calculated and shown to them to accept or decline.

    I have provided an example page from a website we already use to do this. Notice how the prices update instantly as capacity or condition options are updated by the user.

    How much of this is possible with Jotform?

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    Answered on February 16, 2021 at 04:42 AM

    It is possible to grab a static excel spreadsheet data and populate the form using the Spreadsheet to form widget.


    You may then add prices to your fields using the calculation values.


    It is also possible to use form calculation widget to calculate values.

    Please check it out and let us know if this fits your requirements.

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    Answered on February 16, 2021 at 05:00 AM
    I don't want to create a form using a spreadsheet. I want to create the
    form using Jotform but just power the quote at the end of the form based on
    the customer's answers. We would create a table in Excel holding the
    different possible combinations of answers and the quote that should be
    provided in that particular case.
    So for example, if the form had the below 3 questions:
    1. "What is your device model?" - Apple / Samsung
    2. "What is your device capacity?" - 32GB / 64GB / 128GB
    3. "What is the condition of your device?" - New / Used / Broken
    If the customer provides the following answers:
    Apple , 32GB , New
    I want to give one price of £105 (see table below)
    But if they provide:
    Apple , 32GB , Broken
    I want to give a price of £198 (see below).
    I want to power this price using a table like this:
    Model Capacity Condition Price
    Apple 32GB New 105
    Apple 32GB Used 166
    Apple 32GB Broken 198
    Apple 64GB New 173
    Apple 64GB Used 181
    Apple 64GB Broken 100
    Apple 128GB New 125
    Apple 128GB Used 121
    Apple 128GB Broken 107
    Samsung 32GB New 104
    Samsung 32GB Used 113
    Samsung 32GB Broken 121
    Samsung 64GB New 103
    Samsung 64GB Used 181
    Samsung 64GB Broken 160
    Samsung 128GB New 100
    Samsung 128GB Used 139
    Samsung 128GB Broken 115
    Is this possible?
    *Daniel Kidney*
    *Operations Manager | *Smartphone Group Limited
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    Answered on February 16, 2021 at 06:08 AM


    As my colleague mentioned, I kindly recommend you put the Single Choice field in your form. You may assign values ​​to the choices in the field you put in this field to be kept in the background. Please check this related guide: How to Assign Calculation Value

    Then, you can calculate a total based on the option selected by the user from your form. There are two ways to do this - You can use Conditional Logic or you can use the Form Calculation Widget.

    If you want to use conditional logic, please check this guide: How to Insert Text or Calculation into a Field Using Conditional Logic

    Or if you want to use the form calculation widget, you may review this guide: How to Perform Form Calculation Using a Widget

    Please give it a try and let us know how it goes. We will gladly help you more.