follow up: SSL to non-SSL form

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    Asked on August 27, 2015 at 06:20 AM

    Is there a reason I cannot just do as I did...which is change the form from SSL to non-SSL????  I never knew nor intended to make it secure as there is no reason for it to be.


    Please address why I cannot keep using and receive submissions now that is has been changed to non SSL>.....???





    Answered by mert


    I understand your issue and I am sorry to say that you've already reached the SSL limit for this month.

    At that point you have two options;

    First one is you can wait to the next month when the SSL submission resets, because limits reset monthly in JotForm.


    The Last one is you can uprgrade your account as it is mentioned on email.

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    Answered on August 27, 2015 at 10:57 AM


    I see you already have 3 opened threads about the same concern, please avoid creating multiple threads. It is best to reply on one thread only for us to better assist you and avoid confusion. Please reply to this link instead:

    Just for clarification, please note that you have already reached your SSL limit, you now have 11 out of 10 (allowed SSL submissions for Free plan per month). Please note that when you reached any of the limits, all of your forms will temporarily be disabled. This means they will not accessible and your users won't be able to make submissions. To continue using your forms, you need to either upgrade to a higher plan OR wait for the submission counters to reset which happens every 1st day of the month.

    Now, SSL submissions are submissions received from Forms that uses https:// or https://secure protocol. This means, unticking the check box "secure form" in the Embed Form Option will not disable receiving SSL submissions. You need to remove Form URLs or embed codes that uses https:// protocol in their link or in the embed code. Here's a guide to learn more about SSL submissions:

    For this time, I went ahead and adjusted your SSL counter from 11 to 8 so that you can continue using your forms, please note that I can only do this once. If you want to continue using your forms using non-SSL, then please do make sure that you have removed all the Form URLs and embed codes that uses the SSL protocol to avoid reaching the quota again, if perhaps you have sent a mass email with an SSL form to your users, then unfortunately we cannot do something about it, unless you disable the form itself and give them a different Form URL.

    I hope I explained it clear. Please do let us know in this thread if you need more information.