Add to cart feature for order form

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    Asked on July 08, 2016 at 09:27 AM

    I created an order form and want to know if people can insert an item, go away to another page, come back and insert another item, etc.  Or if they leave the order form page will they come back to a new page every time?  I've asked this question of jot form before and the answer I got related to payment methods.  I do NOT have payment on the web site.  The customers will fill out the form and submit it and the payment will be over the phone.  


    So same question assuming no payment method associated with it:  if a person puts in their contact information and inserts one item, can they go away and come back to the page and continue using it or do they have to recomplete the form every time they go to another page?  This assumes they fill it out first, and then browse to see what items they want.  First they pick this item and add it to the order form, and then they go to another item page and decide they want that and go back to the order form.  

    My goal would be for the customer to be able to go back and forth to the form but not have to recomplete it each time.


    Thank you.  My contact info is and phone is 250 408 5720.

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    Answered on July 08, 2016 at 11:05 AM

    JotForm does NOT have an add to cart system. What we have is payment/order form. The order form is setup by adding a payment integration in your form, the payment integrations DO NOT have an add to cart system. 

    To setup a basic order form, please follow this guide: 


    You might need to check ecommerce services/platforms that have an add to cart system. Another possible way if you want to use JotForm is by creating a custom script between your website and the form. The custom script will store a session for the user, that session will be used as a means to store his selections in the add to cart system which should also prepopulate the product field of the JotForm form. If the user decides to check out, then he/she can open the checkout JotForm form and click the submit button. However, you'll probably need to use the form's full source code and hire a developer for this.

    I hope that helps.