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Setting Up Your First Order Form

Setting Up Your First Order Form

Do you want to sell single/multiple items, collect subscriptions, or get donations online via an online form? You've come to the right place to do that. You can even collect payments from your Facebook Page.

For this example, we're going to use PayPal Personal to illustrate how to create an order form with payment integration. However, this guide applies to all of our payment tools. Follow the video or text-instructions below to set up your first order form.

Setting up Your Payment Account and Products

  1. On the Form Builder click the Add Form Element button, go to the Payments tab, then select PayPal Personal.
    PayPal Personal
  2. Enter your PayPal account email address, then select your Payment Type. In this example, we'll choose Sell Products.
    PayPal Integration
  3. Expand the Additional Gateway Settings section and set the Show Total Price On the Form option to "Yes". Scroll down to the bottom and hit the Continue button to save it.
    Additional Gateway Settings
  4. On the next screen, click the Create New Product button.
    Create New Product
  5. Add a Name for each product and a Price (with no currency symbol). Scroll down to the bottom and click the Save Product button to save it.
    Product Settings
  6. Rinse and repeat steps 4 and 5 to add additional products, or click the close (X) icon at the top right to finish the payment wizard.
    Payment Settings

Adding Options to Your Products

If you are selling a T-shirt, you can ask users to select a quantity, color, and size. In order to accomplish these in our example, we're going to add quantity, color, and size options.

  1. On the Products tab, click the pencil icon on the product you just added.
    Edit Product
  2. Scroll down and click the Add button on the Add a Quantity Selector section.
    Add a Quantity Selector
  3. Select "Dropdown" or "Textbox" on the Show Quantity on the Form as option. Set your desired Label and Range, then click the Save Quantity button.
    Quantity Selector
  4. Click the Add button on the Add a Product Option section.
    Add a Product Option
  5. Select "Color" from the Populate Options from Presets section, customize the colors at your discretion then click the Save Option button.
    Populate Options from Presets - Color
  6. Click the Add button on the Add a Product Option section again and this time, select "T-Shirt Size" from the Populate Options from Presets section. As always, click the Save Option button to save your changes.
    Populate Options from Presets - T-Shirt Size
  7. All set? Save your product by clicking the Save Product button.
    Save Product

Want more of these? Check out our detailed guide here: How to Add Options to Payment Forms

This is how our final order form looks like:
Order Form

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  • Arnold_Dean

    Is there any development on the roadmap for allowing form variables to process a stripe transaction? I'd subscribe in a heartbeat if that were possible :)

  • Arnold_Dean

    The more powerful approach would be to allow the field value variables from the form itself (email, product name, qty, price) to enable the payment transaction to proceed. Anyone using Jot forms as an addition to their existing no-code stacks, especially Airtable will agree. This is a problem I see again and again with platforms integrated with Airtable. Much of their appeal is the way in which they enhance a powerful, existing tool like Airtable. But instead of leaning in, features are added to restrict and block the power of those tools.

  • acallewaert

    When I embed the iframe to my WIX website the product description and $$ amount is cut off how can this be resolved.

  • kmccommunityleads


    Regarding to my last post last week, thank you but I already did the Special Pricing Per Option. What I meant is that we just want the option to add the same product to our submission but a different size or color and different quantity

    Let's take for example in our product "HP 508A, Laserjet Toner Cartridge" the customer wants to buy 1 Black which costs PHP 8,600 and 2 Cyan which costs PHP 10,800 each in just one submission of the order form.

    Is this possible?

    Hoping for your soonest response!

  • kmccommunityleads


    In my "Office and Toner Supplies Product Order Form", I have certain products wherein there are a lot of options with different prices. Is there an option wherein people can select multiple variation of a product in just one order form? For example, customer wants to buy 1 HP 995XL Ink Cartridge in Black which is 1,600 PHP and Cyan which is 1,100 PHP.

    Hoping for your soonest feedback on this.

    Thank you!


  • Cathy

    Is there a way to require user to select T-shirt size? Right now they can select they want T-shirt but I don’t want them to forget to select size and other options.

  • Rothfus

    I would like to add the in the payment option in my product section so customers can either choose to pay with a credit card online or choose to pay in the store

  • Minisport


    I am trying to set up an order form on the form titled "Play at Home Equipment Bag Order Form" on our Minisport account, but for some reason when we try to test the form, no cards details are requested...

    Would you be able to help?

    Thanks alot!

  • ArtsConnect

    I am trying to create a form where the first submission is free and thereafter there is a price per each. However, when anyone submits just a single entry the form won't submit and there is a message "minimum $1 ) that appears. How do I fix this such that one free submission can be made? Thank you.

  • Martin W Prior

    Now you sold the t-shirt do your send by email?

  • rebtolk

    Can I offer a discount coupon code?

  • itzelramirez

    I want the layout with the image, the price and quantity but I don't need the payment integration. I just want people to send me the order details and pay in person when they pick it up.

    Is that possible?

  • Bobby Hanna

    Can we set up reoccurring payments with Jotform? For example: a constituent wants a monthly reoccurring charge on their credit card for 12 months.

  • kellyderouin

    I am building a registration form for a summer camp. Ideally I would like to collect a non-refundable deposit payment at the time of registration (filling out this form) and the remainder at a later date. Is there a payment app that I can integrate that will allow me to do this? Currently I am using PayPal, but I don't know how to collect a partial payment now, save the payment info, and process the remaining payment later. Do you have a suggestion?

  • margaritax

    How do I add multiple payment method options? I have selected and added Square successfully, but I would also like to give people the option of using PayPal.

  • Threadedplanet

    Somagenerastore wants to pay me through stripe but they are not getting my info on stripe

  • Doreen

    Can I add my own mechant provider instead of using Paypal? I use Cornerstone Payments.
    Thanks for the info,

  • ErikJaws

    So I’m making a submission form where payment is optional. However, the form isn’t able to completed if the Client submits without payment. I tried configuring the conditions to skip & disable the payment page if it isn’t selected.

  • SvenErik

    I've been trying to figure out how to create a discount in JotForm. What I need is a form where customer can order events (or tickets if you like), so they have to insert the number of people who are coming to the event, and then, if they are 10, they will get a discount of lets say 10 %. If the group of people is 20, they'll get 20% off. And I need this to automatically calculate so the total amount will be correct.
    Is there a way to do this? Would really appreciate some advice on this.
    I'm also thinking the rice should be different for children, teenagers and adults, but the discount is the same for all groups.

  • Egidio

    E possibile abbinare il carrello con gallerie di foto del sito alla tabella creata con jotform?

  • Fernando

    Hola , existe la posibilidadd e incorporar a su formulario a ?

  • omar lopez

    i just want the part, that does the order count.. so the client sees the total as they
    select on as they go

  • poly32

    selling art work

  • Daniel Tunner

    How can i take payment using from my jotform account

  • ayandem

    thank you so much to you .
    you are goodness.
    for help you to me.

  • lizmulligan

    How do you manage refunds OR if a per a person signed up for the wrong course?

  • Voiceofjewishedu

    I am trying to AD a paypay option to my form.

    I followed your instructions ..I got a great order form BUT no PAYPAL symbol or link

    I get this message "this integration has not been configured run wizard the for integrations "


  • Deena O'Daniel

    Is there a way to set up state-specific sales tax calculation and have it added to the total?...Thanks

  • Hippikat3

    I am making a pledge form. Is there a way to have the put in the amount they want. Or like the amount they choose on the form to payment. Or do I have to set an amount?

  • PNN4less

    How do I integrate email transfer, do not like PayPal

  • calliepegues

    I've done ALL of this and the form is not calculating or submitting! HELP - submitted this question in the support forum!

  • jgreely

    I set up Flat Rate shipping on the options and I had a buyer purchase with with the total including the shipping and tax. However, when the payment was received on paypal, there was an additional $5.00 fee for "handling". Paypal says that they did not add that; only the processing fee. Has anyone received this before?

  • robinlynn

    I would like to set up a wholesale order form without a payment option. Please advise

  • carolebaran

    Hello! How can I add something to the form to allow someone to order more than one of the same item but in a different size? Thank you!

  • Dooley

    One would have to assume 'yes', but is JotForm PCI DSS [Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard] compliant host?

    We are a business hosting workshops and use your surveys as a registration/payment portal that allows people to input cardholder data and process transactions.


  • olovesz

    I am a school Photographer, and Im trying to create an order form that allows parents to order Print Packages, A La Carte and Special Products. How do I set up Packages and then allow them to pick which poses they want for those packages?

  • Rachel

    I need the ability to have both dropdown options (membership levels) and a user-defined amount (for an additional variable donation amount) - for a charity.

    A user previously asked about this -

    Is this feature available yet (other than by using the workaround)?

    Thanks - Rachel

  • m'bra


  • afterpromevent

    My payment company is not in your listing, can I still link to them?
    CDG Commerce or QuantumGateway

  • massimo172

    Hi, in the case of a product to download? Is there a solution? Thank you!

  • eiermann

    Does any of the payment options allow multi currency? For example depending on the form language or location of the user it shows either EUR or AUD? Is that possible?

  • Signsbydesign

    I added PayPal to my form, but when I filled it out to test it, I was never directed to submit a payment. Then when I put it as required, I can't actually check off the box for any items.

  • indymademarket

    After a person pays for their product. Is there a confirmation that they can print out?

  • gawomenflyfishing

    I have setup paypal on this form. But at the check out page, it requires the payer to register for paypal. Do you know why?


  • ninjas4christ

    Can I limit the number of one product available so that it "sells out"? I don't need a limited amount of submissions for the entire form, just for one of the products on my form.

  • lescheneauxartscouncil

    Can I delete a product on the list without having to type in all the products again?

  • Keithk7979

    We are trying to set up an online order form. Can you please contact us at 814-283-1007. Thank you.

  • viki

    how made order form


    Hi anyone knows how to ad images next to each product ? Thanks

  • justinjeffrey

    I am looking to set up a Stripe integrated payment form that requires a free field for the price. This could be a form simply with a field for PRODUCT DESCRIPTION and a field for PRICE that the user fills in themselves or perhaps some presets and then just a user defined price field such as this...
    1) Product A - £10
    2) Product B - £20
    3) Other - £enter amount

    Are these scenarios possible? Thanks