Approval Templates for IT

7 Templates

Equipment Purchase Approval Process Template

Approve or deny equipment purchase requests from employees. Great for office managers. Easy to customize, set up conditional logic, and add new members.


Access Approval Process Template

Manage account access requests at your company. Free approval flow template for account managers. Add approvers, emails, steps, conditions, and more. No coding.


IT Service Request Approval Process Template

Process IT service requests with ease. Fully customizable automated online approval flow. Send autoresponder emails and notifications. No coding required.


Help Desk Ticket Approval Process Template

Collect and respond to support tickets faster. Free automated approval flow template for support teams. Add approvers, conditions, emails, and more. No coding.


New Server Request Approval Process Template

Collect and process new server requests on any device. Great for IT departments. Free automated approval flow. Set up emails, notifications, time limits, and more.


Risk Assessment Approval Template

Evaluate and manage risk assessment plans with this free approval flow template for project managers. Adjust conditions, approvers, emails, and more. No coding.


Information Request Approval Process Template

Get clients the answers they need as fast as possible. Set up an automated online approvals process. Easy to customize approvers, emails, and notifications.


About IT

Process requests for your IT department with ease using Jotform’s free Approval Templates for IT! When you receive a new help desk ticket, access request, equipment purchase request, or other IT-related inquiry, your automated approval flow will send it to the right person in your company automatically. That person will then choose to approve, deny, or forward the request to someone else on any device — and once the approval flow reaches its end, the person who filled out your form will receive an autoresponder email informing them of the outcome. Our Approval Templates for IT are fully customizable, so you can use our intuitive drag-and-drop builder to add more approvers, set up conditional branching and notifications, add time limits, personalize emails, and more to make your approval flow perfectly match your company!