Approval Templates for Project Management

15 Templates

Change Request Approval Process Template

Manage change requests for your team projects with ease. Free automated approval flow template. Add approvers, emails, conditions, and more. No coding.


Project Approval Process Template

Approve or deny project proposals within your company from any device. Set up conditional branching, notifications, autoresponder emails, and more. Easy to customize.

Project Management

Task Approval Process Template

Receive task requests online and respond to them instantly. Easy-to-customize online approval flow. Send notifications and custom autoresponder emails. No coding.

Project Management

Service Request Approval Process Template

Approve or reject service requests from any device. Build an automated online approval flow. Set up notifications, autoresponder emails, time limits, and more.

Project Management

Maintenance Request Approval Process Template

Receive and respond to maintenance requests from tenants. Easy-to-customize online approval flow. Great for landlords and property managers. Respond on any device.

Project Management

Shift Hours Approval Process Template

Review and sign off on your employees’ timesheets on any device. Create an automated approval flow for your business. Set up notifications and autoresponders.


Document Approval Process Template

Enjoy an automated online approval process. Review and approve documents within your company. Easy to customize, set up notifications, send emails, and more.


Customer Service Request Approval Process Template

Address customer service requests with ease. Use conditional logic to send automated emails and forward requests to coworkers. Easy to customize. Respond on any device.

Project Management

Meeting Minutes Approval Process Template

Review meeting minutes submitted by your employees. Set up an automated approval process. Customize emails, notifications, conditional branching, and more.

Project Management

Nomination Approval Process Template

Track nominations for your awards program. Great for students, employees, and more! Automated approval flow template. Assign approvers via email. No coding.

Human Resources

Meeting Approval Process Template

Receive meetings requests online. Use customizable autoresponder emails to approve or deny requests. Easy to set up in just a few clicks. Respond on any device.

Project Management

Risk Assessment Approval Template

Evaluate and manage risk assessment plans with this free approval flow template for project managers. Adjust conditions, approvers, emails, and more. No coding.


Event Invitation Approval Template

Manage event invitations for your organization’s next event. Great for fundraisers and work events. No coding. Works on smartphone, tablet, and desktop devices.

Project Management

Quality Control Planning Approval Template

Build a custom automated approval flow for your quality control planning efforts. Works on all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. No coding required.


Solution Partner Approval Process Template

Manage partnership applications for your company. Free automated approval flow template. Add approvers, emails, conditional logic, and more. No coding required.

Project Management

About Project Management

No matter what you and your team are working on, streamline the way you manage your approval process for projects with Jotform’s free Approval Templates for Project Management! Start by selecting one of our ready-to-use approval flow templates, assigning approvers using their email addresses, and customizing or adding workflow elements as needed. When someone fills out your online form to get their documents, meeting, or project change approved, their submission will automatically be forwarded to an approver for review. Form fillers will receive an automated confirmation or rejection email based on how their request has been processed. As form owner, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on every step of the approval process, from pending tasks to approver activity. Simplify project management by tracking requests with Jotform’s Approval Templates for Project Management!