Top 7 affiliate tracking platforms

As consumers experience ad fatigue and grow more concerned about virtual privacy, digital marketing is undergoing a serious shift. Enter the world of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where a third party — such as a person with a social following — promotes a product or service in exchange for a commission. It’s a popular strategy — in fact, 80 percent of e-commerce brands and 84 percent of digital publishers use affiliate websites, such as product review pages and influencer platforms, to their advantage.

Aside from a brand directly producing content, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic and generate conversions.

However, due to the massive growth of affiliate marketing in recent years, managing affiliate programs has become more complex. With YouTube vloggers, Instagram influencers, Snapchat and TikTok personalities, podcasters, and beyond, tracking affiliate campaigns is now a full-time job.

Fortunately, there are several affiliate tracking platforms that make the process of measuring and analyzing affiliate marketing infinitely easier:

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1. Jotform

The most important aspects of an affiliate tracking program are data collection and organization — two features that Jotform specializes in. The affiliate tracking template provides a framework to keep track of affiliates, along with the current status of a campaign, how much revenue each affiliate has generated, how much commission they’ve earned, and when payments are due.

You can customize this template further to track additional information, such as created content or generated traffic. If you’re in the process of recruiting new affiliates, you can collect information with an affiliate signup form. Once you’ve approved an affiliate, Jotform has a number of contract templates you can use to finalize the partnership and collect their electronic signature.

2. LinkTrust

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Ad networks, advertisers, and agencies use LinkTrust to manage and track the performance of affiliate campaigns. The subscription service offers a customizable interface, delivering trustworthy and reliable metrics about campaign performance through cookies, pixels, and server posts. It can also track mobile traffic, provide lead validation tools, and detect fraudulent activity.

3. Everflow

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Everflow’s extensive features make it one of the most popular affiliate tracking platforms on the market. Its “Fingerprint Tracking” technology enables users to track performance without embedding messy links, allowing for accurate and seamless insight into performance across various social media channels and Google.

Real-time analytics help marketers track exactly how campaigns are performing so they can make changes without wasting time. The platform also includes access to EverXChange – Partner Discovery, where you can search and recruit influencer partners.

4. AnyTrack

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AnyTrack is a robust yet surprisingly intuitive platform that automates the process of tracking and managing conversion data across analytics channels. You can use it to automatically build remarketing audiences that help you stay on top of your funnel without burning through creative energy.

Unlike other affiliate tracking platforms, AnyTrack integrates with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel as well as more than 50 affiliate and ad networks, giving it an advantage over the competition.


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Designed to bring clarity to campaigns and affiliate management, CAKE is a powerful affiliate tracking platform. One of its standout features is its ability to measure customer journeys across multiple channels — in real time. This mitigates issues of misattribution that can be challenging in e-commerce.

CAKE specializes in attribution, offering models for different kinds of affiliates used in a campaign or models based on specific channels in a buyer’s journey. Dare we say it’s trying to make affiliate marketing a piece of cake?

6. Voluum

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Voluum is an ad tracking platform that specializes in controlling all campaigns under a single dashboard. Features include analysis tools to identify and purchase the most optimal converting traffic, segment traffic by device type, create whitelists and blacklists, and fully track users who converted and made purchases. Voluum includes over 35 templates and even has an integration that allows users to make landing pages.

7. Post Affiliate Pro

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As a feature-rich affiliate tracking software tool, Post Affiliate Pro constantly adds new capabilities for users. It can currently integrate with more than 170 CMS platforms and top payment gateways. Plus, it boasts some of the most accurate affiliate tracking capabilities on the market thanks to multiple tracking methods.

One of its strongest features is its Forced Matrix, which enables multilevel marketing capabilities and allows you to pay affiliates based on the performance of their sub-affiliates.

Affiliate marketing allows e-commerce brands to reach new customers and bolster revenue — and these affiliate tracking platforms make the work even easier and more rewarding.

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