Announcing Momentum: A podcast by Jotform

In a time when professional (and personal) life is increasingly shaped by the digital systems that surround us, how do we make sense of it all — and even come out ahead? 

This is what we address in Momentum, Jotform’s brand-new podcast, where we discuss how to make the most out of our daily interactions with technology to help us move forward in business and in life. 

Tune in as we talk about a variety of topics that we engage with every day as marketers in the world of tech: from online tools and productivity tips, to general industry knowledge and trends, to best business practices and marketing-specific insights. Our hope is that you gain some value from these conversations and apply what you hear to your own ecosystem of work, life, technology, and/or business. 

You can find Momentum on our website, our YouTube channel, and all major podcast platforms, including

Check back regularly for new episodes!

This article is originally published on Apr 21, 2021, and updated on Jun 17, 2021.
Elliott is a Senior Marketing Manager at Jotform. He’s a believer in empowering individuals and businesses through the endlessly adaptable capabilities of online forms; he’s also a believer in outdoor adventuring, balancing his diet with ice cream, and giving all dogs the love they deserve. You can reach Elliott through his contact form.

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