5 great BigCommerce alternatives in 2024

Online shopping continues to gain in popularity — in fact, more than 2 billion people spent over $4.9 trillion on online goods and services in 2021. More than ever, customers want contactless, convenient shopping experiences and the ability to buy whatever, whenever, and from wherever they want.

In addition to being convenient for customers, online stores benefit business owners, too, drastically cutting or even eliminating the operating costs of a brick-and-mortar store. Owning an online business extends your brand’s reach, lets you accept orders 24-7, and provides actionable data and customer insights.

And you don’t have to set up an online business all on your own. E-commerce platforms like BigCommerce function as a digital partner and personal assistant in one to guide you through the process. But while BigCommerce is fast, innovative, and comprehensive, it’s not the only e-commerce solution available.

Here are five BigCommerce alternatives worth checking out.

1. Ecwid

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Trusted by more than 1 million users, one of the most popular BigCommerce alternatives is e-commerce platform Ecwid, which lets users sell, market, and manage their products and services online.

With Ecwid, you can design your own store with customizable design tools, regardless of your coding experience. You can also launch ads on Google and Facebook to build brand awareness; use email marketing tools like Mailchimp to boost customer loyalty; and manage product inventory, ordering, and pricing from one centralized dashboard. And thanks to Ecwid’s mobile app for both iPhone and Android devices, you can do it all from the palm of your hand.

2. Square Online

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With e-commerce website Square Online, you can quickly and easily build and manage an online store no matter how much coding knowledge you have. You can bring your brand to life with customizable, responsive templates and stunning product photos or boost engagement by providing discounts, displaying customer reviews, sending abandoned cart emails, and setting up loyalty programs.

Use Square Online to provide customers with multiple payment and order fulfillment options, including offering various shipping, delivery, and pickup methods. You can even optimize your efforts with third-party apps and make better business decisions with real-time, actionable data and downloadable reports.

3. Shift4Shop

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E-commerce solution Shift4Shop makes creating and managing an online business easier than ever. It’s powerful, intuitive, flexible, and chock-full of features for all your product, social media, and customer management needs.

You can customize your store and drive more website traffic with dozens of mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized templates and improve conversion rates with customer discounts and coupons, email marketing, and cart abandonment recovery tools. And to get competitive rates, print shipping labels, and offer customers ordering and delivery options, you can take advantage of Shift4Shop’s integrations with carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

4. Webflow

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Looking to design a gorgeous online store but don’t have the resources — or time — to do it? Add visual web development platform Webflow to your BigCommerce alternatives shortlist. Millions of designers, developers, and everyone in between use Webflow to help make their website and online store dreams a reality. With it, you can design, write, and edit your custom store content with a built-in content management system (CMS) and engaging animations — all code-free.

You can use Webflow to grow your audience by gating premium content, offering valuable members-only courses, and creating subscription tiers (free, invite-only, and paid). Sell your products with a simplified checkout and shipping process. And, most importantly, provide flexible, secure payment options by accepting money from 200-plus countries and various platforms — like PayPal and Google Pay.

5. Jotform Store Builder

With code-free Jotform Store Builder, you can create your online store in minutes, even if you have no programming experience. Customize your shop — which you can build from scratch or with one of Jotform’s ready-made templates —  by adding fun widgets, your logo and brand colors, and product images and descriptions. And you can even collect payments for your goods, services, and subscriptions — including donations — with Jotform’s 25-plus supported payment gateways.

Then, once your store is ready to go live, you can embed it into your website, create a quick response (QR) code for it to add to physical marketing materials like flyers and posters, or email a link to your customer list.

To build an online store that increases brand awareness, converts browsers into buyers, and provides insightful, real-time data to help you make better business decisions, you need an e-commerce platform you can trust. So, whether you choose BigCommerce or one of these five BigCommerce alternatives, you’ll be on your way to establishing a successful, scalable online storefront that will impress both new and existing customers.

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