15 High-demand products to sell in 2024

If you’re hoping to launch an e-commerce store, then finding quality products that are in demand will be key to your success. Stocking your store with in-demand products can help you bring in new customers and drive repeat sales.

Whether you’re planning on running a dropshipping business using a platform like Alibaba or AliExpress or you want to buy your products directly from a wholesaler, it’s important to carefully choose your stock.

The following best-selling products have been in high demand in 2024:

  • Beauty products, like false eyelashes and makeup
  • Pet products and carriers
  • Novelty T-shirts, especially those with unique and fun designs
  • Water bottles, especially self-cleaning bottles
  • Jewelry and fashion accessories (though trends change quickly)
  • Fitness equipment, including home gym supplies and workout clothes
  • Mugs with fun, unique sayings or other special characteristics
  • Electronic gadgets, like chargers and device protectors
  • Supplements and health supplies
  • Skincare products
  • Subscription boxes
  • Shapewear
  • Baby products and unique baby shower gifts
  • Essential oils and diffusers
  • CBD products for pets and people

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Choosing the best types of products for your online business

The product ideas above can help you get started, but it’s important to carefully choose the products that will be best for your business. The following tips can help.

  • Focus on profitable products. If you have low profit margins, you’ll need to sell large volumes of products to generate income. Look for products that have a decent profit margin so you can afford expenses like returns and review samples.
  • Consider search volume. While best-selling products will generate many online searches, there’s lots of competition to rank for those keywords in search engines. You might have better luck with products that are still popular but have low competition keywords.
  • Focus on an industry. It might be tempting to stock all sorts of products across different industries, but this can lead to a disorganized store. Instead, focus on a single product category that you can market to a specific target audience.
  • Be ready to quickly pivot. If you want to focus on trending products, then you’ll need to be able to bring new products into your online store quickly. Remember that trends can change quickly, so be cautious in terms of how much stock you buy and when you time your purchases.
  • Diversity your sales platforms. You might base your sales on your e-commerce business site, but it can be helpful to experiment with other online marketplaces. Amazon, eBay, and even social media can help you sell online and reach a broader audience.
  • Do plenty of research. If you’re selling top trending products, then you need to stay on top of those trending items. Social media platforms like TikTok can give you insight into new and evolving trends, so you can see what’s most popular and what may be the next big product that you’ll want to have in stock.
  • Focus on quality. When sourcing your products, look for quality items that you can get from reputable wholesalers. Selling quality products will help cut down on your return rate, and it can also increase repeat purchases and boost your overall reputation.
  • Create unique listings. It’s important to create unique product descriptions, especially if you’re selling products that other retailers have, too. You can use your product descriptions to incorporate keywords for SEO, and if you take your own product photos, you can incorporate your branding and better appeal to your target audience.
  • Determine your store’s unique selling proposition (USP). Think about what makes your store unique, whether that’s an above-and-beyond commitment to customer service, an eye for all the hottest trends before you can find them elsewhere, or something else. You can use your USP to define your brand and to help you focus on products that are a great fit with that brand.
  • Look for upselling opportunities. As you choose your products, look for opportunities to upsell other products. For example, you might suggest a customer buy a hairbrush when they’ve added one of your haircare products to their cart. These upselling opportunities can increase the profit you see from every purchase.
  • Do plenty of marketing. While in-demand products will help bring in some new customers, you’ll need to help drive those sales with marketing. Keeping up with social media, writing blogs and email marketing efforts can help drive new traffic to your site so more customers see those new products that you’ve added.

A boost for your e-commerce store

When you choose high-demand products to sell, you can instantly give your e-commerce store a boost. Be sure to choose products that will appeal to your existing customers and will be a natural fit with your store. With time and plenty of attention to what people are talking about on social media, you’ll learn how to spot these in-demand products and use them to boost your store’s sales.

A journalist and digital consultant, John Boitnott has worked for TV, newspapers, radio, and Internet companies for 25 years. He’s written for Inc.com, Fast Company, NBC, Entrepreneur, USA Today, and Business Insider, among others.

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