6 Selz alternatives for e-commerce in 2024

No matter your business size or industry, you need to have an online presence. Not only is an online store more convenient for your customers, but it’s beneficial for you, too. An online storefront provides

  • Unlimited business hours: There’s no more worrying about lost sales from closing up shop too early, as shoppers can place orders 24-7.
  • Less overhead: With an online store, you save on rent, utilities, in-store furnishings, physical marketing materials, and labor costs.
  • Greater reach: While brick-and-mortar stores offer invaluable face-to-face customer interaction, you can only sell to who comes in. With an online store, however, your customer base isn’t limited by your zip code, enabling anyone around the globe to buy from you.

While starting an online store can be risky, it’s less overwhelming with the right tools and a powerful e-commerce platform. Until recently, Selz was one of the most popular software solutions for selling products online. However, Amazon purchased it in 2021 and eventually shut it down altogether.

Fortunately, there are other trustworthy e-commerce platforms you can use to build your online storefront. Here are six of the best Selz alternatives to consider.

1. BigCommerce

Image of BigCommerce Platform

First on this list of Selz alternatives is BigCommerce, which works best for thriving businesses that are starting to take off and need effective resources to manage it all.

The platform’s features include a code-free page builder chock-full of free and premium templates, customizable checkout processes, robust security, convenient digital wallet capabilities, and powerful third-party integrations. Plus, to drive website traffic, you can take advantage of BigCommerce’s SEO tools, which help users optimize their URLs, sitemap, and metadata.

2. Sellfy

Image of Sellfy Platform

With e-commerce platform Sellfy, you can get your online business up and running in minutes, whether you’re selling physical or digital products. Sellfy offers various customization options to ensure your store matches your brand, built-in customer engagement tools like discount codes and email marketing to engage your new and existing clientele, and reliable payment and security options to keep all transactions safe, simple, and convenient.

And if you’re an artist, you can use Sellfy’s print-on-demand feature to upload an original piece of artwork; print it on mugs, shirts, and hoodies; and ship the products straight to your customer’s door.

3. Gumroad

Image of Gumroad Platform

Another notable Selz alternative, e-commerce solution Gumroad encourages users to sell what they’re familiar with and “see what sticks.” Its website is bold, bright, and straightforward — pointing out that starting an online business is all about charting your own path with simple steps and the right tools.

For a stunning, accessible online storefront, Gumroad’s features include a flexible page editor, an embeddable payment platform, software license key generation, email broadcasts, and actionable analytics. The platform is innovative and fully customizable, helping you set up a successful store that will stand out.

4. Payhip

Image of Payhip Tool

More than 130,000 users trust e-commerce tool Payhip to help them market, sell, and manage their digital products — including e-books, online courses, and software. With Payhip, you can sync your customers directly to your mailing list, customize your checkout page and customer experience to match your brand aesthetic, accept payments from a wide variety of international currencies, and stamp purchase details on your PDFs to deter illegal product sharing.

For ultimate customer convenience, you can even offer coupons and pay-what-you-want pricing, which enables all customers to enjoy your products at a price they can afford. (To enable this feature, simply enter a “+” sign at the end of the product price.) Plus, since Payhip has no storage or bandwidth limits, it will comfortably grow and scale alongside your online business.

5. Lemon Squeezy

Image of Lemon Squeezy Platform

You can market and sell your digital products online with Lemon Squeezy, an e-commerce platform that’s fully customizable and easy to navigate. Embed a checkout  screen or share a link to sell your digital downloads, software, and subscriptions on any website. Grow your brand with discount codes, product bundles, and actionable, data-driven email campaigns.

In addition to saving you time and money, Lemon Squeezy can minimize your concerns about international tax compliance. This Selz alternative handles both sales tax and European Union value-added tax (EU VAT) so you don’t have to.

6. Jotform Store Builder

With Jotform Store Builder, selling products and receiving payments has never been easier. Use Jotform Store Builder’s drag-and-drop functionality to create your online store and spruce it up with engaging widgets, your brand colors, and payment gateways. Then, once you’re happy with its look, add your products — including images, descriptions, and even a search bar for added customer convenience.

Finally, share your store with an embed code, email link, or WordPress plug-in and track and manage all your orders from one powerful, centralized location. Jotform Store Builder is fully customizable, intuitive, and completely code-free, making it easy to create the online store of your dreams with just a few clicks.

Regardless of the products you sell or services you provide, you need an online storefront. An online presence helps you reach more people more quickly and conveniently than a brick-and-mortar store, and it provides a ton of savings on overhead costs.

Plus, if you create your online store using any of these six Selz alternatives, you won’t be doing it alone. With each platform’s included features, integrations, resources, and customer service, you’ll have more than enough support to help your brand succeed online.

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