How to start selling Scentsy with Jotform

Scentsy, a digital retail business centered on fragrance products that are designed to enhance everyday life, provides an easy way for anyone to make a little extra cash from the comfort of their own home. Learning how to start selling Scentsy offers you the chance to make a career that fits around your schedule. However, learning how to sell with Scentsy is only half the battle.

Choosing the right business tools can mean the difference between a side hustle and a successful business — which is why choosing the right online form builder is essential. Follow along as we break down the details and benefits of selling with Scentsy, as well as how Jotform can help your business stay organized as you expand.

What Scentsy is all about

Scentsy is committed to delivering amazing fragrance experiences to their customers. The company initially brought their scented wax and wax warmers to the market in 2004, but now it also offers scented oils, diffusers, air purifiers, cleaning products, and more. Since its founding, Scentsy has grown into an award-winning international fragrance company that partners with organizations like Disney, Warner Bros., and the NFL.

Although customers can purchase Scentsy products online directly from their site, Scentsy also relies on a network of consultants to distribute their products nationwide. Scentsy consultants can sell products directly to customers from their homes, offering the flexibility that many seek from a side business or full-time job. In addition to their compensation plan, Scentsy also offers their consultants an opportunity to earn bonus perks — like an all-expenses-paid vacation.

How to start selling Scentsy

If being a consultant sounds like the right fit for you, it’s easy to learn how to start selling Scentsy. To get started, visit the Scentsy website and sign up to join their team of consultants. When you sign up, Scentsy provides you with a variety of resources to get your business started — from information on becoming a personal sponsor to opportunities for ongoing personal and business development.

Signing up also means you’ll receive your starter kit, which includes a wax warmer, scented wax testers, catalogs, order forms, product samples, and more. Keep in mind that your starter kit isn’t free, so be prepared to pay when you sign up.

Once you sign up as a consultant, you can begin selling your Scentsy products in whatever way works best for you. If you prefer working alone, you can sell products on your own from a home office. If collaboration is more your speed, try partnering with others to host parties. You can have parties online or in person, or you can even just pass around products at your day job.

Non-consultants can also team up with consultants to receive Scentsy credits for hosting. As you’re looking to learn how to start selling Scentsy, the approach you choose and the tools to help you build and grow your business are up to you.

What makes Jotform the ideal tool for Scentsy consultants

If you decide to start selling with Scentsy, you’ll need the right tools to keep your business on track. That’s why Jotform, a popular online form builder, is a great option — it has a variety of powerful features designed to help consultants get their business up and running.

Collecting orders and preorders from your customers has never been easier than with Jotform’s free form templates. With more than 10,000 available templates to choose from, you can build your order forms in a fraction of the time. You can customize one of many order form and preorder form templates to fit your unique messaging and needs. Jotform even has unique templates made just for Scentsy consultants, like the Scentsy Valentine preorder form template.

For those looking to sell directly online, Jotform can also help build your online store with Jotform Store Builder. Build your own online store from scratch — without any need for coding on your end. You can use your online store to sell products, connect with customers, and even accept payments through more than 25 available payment gateways. Don’t want to build a store from the ground up? Try using one of Jotform’s store templates to cut down your build time and start selling sooner.

Jotform also includes a variety of other helpful features, such as

These features won’t just help you accept orders; they’ll also make it easier to keep your information organized and increase its value to your business. Using your customer data the right way can help you grow your business, benefit your customers, and get more out of each sale.

Learning how to start selling Scentsy offers you the chance to create your own lucrative business while working from home. And with tools like Jotform, you can start selling on your own terms while minimizing the work it takes to get started.

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