7 effective employee onboarding software solutions

Today, most business processes can be improved with technology, and employee onboarding is no different. Even though onboarding is a people-focused process, the right technology can help, as evidenced by the fact that 38 percent of companies use some type of online onboarding platform.

If you’re looking to join their ranks and beef up your new-hire process with employee onboarding software, keep reading to see which solutions are most worth considering.

1. Donut

If you’re a small business looking to get new hires settled in quickly — and you happen to use Slack — Donut could be just what you need.

Donut is a Slack integration that helps new hires get up to speed by pairing them with onboarding buddies and lunch pals. It also automatically sends a brief introduction of the entire team to the new hire so they can get acquainted.

“Donut helps build our employees’ connections with each other by creating a cohesive environment conducive to growing relationships,” says Jared Ebrahimoff, founder and COO of Lavari Jewelers.

2. WorkBright

Also recommended by Ebrahimoff is WorkBright, mobile-first employee onboarding software that gives employees the ability to complete new hire paperwork from their mobile phones even before their first day of work. The solution makes filling out forms quick and efficient. New hires can enter necessary information, and administrators can approve, reject, and countersign documents.

“Forms that generally take hours to complete can be completed in minutes, which means our team can move on to more important onboarding tasks,” says Ebrahimoff.

3. BambooHR

Jitin Kanwar, content marketer at Time Doctor, recommends BambooHR as a great all-around onboarding platform. Welcome emails and team introductions make it possible to quickly introduce new workers to the business and their new teams.

The software’s new-hire packet makes it quick and simple to share foundational information and paperwork, including allowing electronic signatures. According to Kanwar, “BambooHR makes numerous HR aspects more efficient and renders complex spreadsheets obsolete.”

4. Collage

Collage is another employee onboarding software solution that uses electronic signatures, reducing the need for paper-based contracts and new-hire documentation.

The software includes a number of features that alleviate the back and forth between new hires and HR. For example, new employees can upload their contact, tax, and banking information instead of emailing it to HR — plus, employees can update this information as needed.

“Collage can also take you beyond onboarding because it covers other key HR areas, such as time-off management, performance reviews, and benefits administration,” notes Kanwar.

5. Gusto

“Gusto comes with some useful features that make hiring and training a lot more streamlined,” says Kanwar. For example, you can send a selected candidate a job offer through the Gusto app. From there, Gusto takes new hires through direct deposit forms, tax documents, and the like.

Employees can then begin introducing themselves directly through the app — a great feature if you want to start building relationships between coworkers. You can even use the platform to initiate employee surveys and track key engagement metrics.

6. ClearCompany

Jovan Milenkovic, cofounder of KommandoTech, says ClearCompany is perfect for a dynamic business that needs mobile-centric features in its employee onboarding software. He finds the solution to be “incredibly user-friendly” and values the personalized portal where new employees can access information and fulfill tasks to complete the onboarding process. ClearCompany also allows a fair degree of customization for companies with niche onboarding requirements.

7. SuitePeople

Recommended by Luigi Iacobellis, founder of Solution Scope, Oracle’s SuitePeople features full human capital management functionality, including new employee onboarding, paid time off management, and payroll. It also includes a visual workflow that allows managers and HR personnel to easily see an employee’s status in the onboarding process.

Iacobellis reports, “One of my favorite features is the dashboard-style approach the solution uses as part of its user interface. You can quickly gauge where employees are and what next steps they should take.”

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