Online learning software to upskill your employees

Today’s online learning tools allow employees and managers to grow their skills without ever leaving the office. Instead of traveling to a conference or bringing in a training professional, teams can focus on niche concepts and build on their knowledge base.

These training tools are particularly useful for employee onboarding. With a digital system in place, a new team member can learn independently and demonstrate their knowledge through tests and presentations. This frees up time for their managers and standardizes employee training.

But not all online learning software is created equal. There are many tools out there, and it’s important to pick the right one. Here are six options for your business to consider.

1. Bridge by Instructure

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Bridge is an online learning software tool made for K–12 education, higher education, and the business world. On the business side, the goal of this product is to increase employee engagement and decrease turnover. By providing training and leadership development, companies can form successful succession plans and prevent employees from leaving for opportunities that might better challenge them.

“Training programs demonstrate a company’s commitment to employees and their personal development,” writes Genine Wilson, vice president of the Pacific region at Kelly Services. “When employees understand the investment a company is making in them…it can have a very powerful effect on team members because it reinforces the value you place on them.”

Through Bridge’s corporate learning management system, companies can inspire employees while equipping them with the right skills for the job.

2. Lessonly

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Lessonly is an online learning software tool used by brands like HelloFresh and Ibotta. It’s used for both enterprise-level professional development as well as sales and customer service training.

What makes Lessonly interesting is that it includes two key products that managers find valuable: learning tools and practice tools. The practice tools allow team members to turn their knowledge into action in a controlled setting. Screen and webcam recordings are available for management review. This creates a testing ground for new team members before they work with actual customers.

3. GetSmarter

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If you want to upskill your employees with the help of local universities, consider looking at the services offered by GetSmarter. This company partners with top institutions, such as the Yale School of Management and MIT, to create short online courses that cover relevant material. A service like GetSmarter is ideal for employees who want the knowledge that the world’s top universities provide but lack the time and funds to pursue a degree.

Employees can use GetSmarter on their own, or you can develop training programs through the company’s corporate plans. With the corporate option, you can monitor the progress of your staff as they work through each of the courses.

4. Moodle

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Moodle is an open-source online learning software platform. It’s appropriate for educators and business professionals alike, and ideal for teams that want to create customized learning for their company with information on internal processes. Instead of purchasing an off-the-shelf training module, teams can use Moodle to create lessons that look and feel just as professional as something custom made for them.

Take a look at the demos set up by Moodle. You can play with an empty site and create your own questions or look at a completed Moodle site with courses, activities, and users. This gives you an idea of what you’ll start with but also where you can go.

5. Elucidat

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Elucidat is another e-learning platform that allows you to customize material. This tool is appropriate for small business owners or team leaders who want to create better onboarding content. Each company works with a customer success manager to make sure they can use all of the features and get the most value from the product.

The benefit of using a self-developed tool like Elucidat is that you can keep updating material. You don’t have to worry about the content growing stale or irrelevant when there are changes in the job. Your team has control.

“No training program should remain static,” writes digital consultant and journalist John Boitnott. “As a company grows, its needs and perspectives change on the basis of employee demographics, external trends, and the availability of training tools and programs.” 

Customizable tools can also be easily shared across teams, where managers only need to make small adjustments before onboarding new employees.

6. Docebo

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If you’re looking for a more advanced online learning software system, consider Docebo. Brands like Walmart, Uber, and Cineplex use this tool to train team members. You can use Docebo for employee onboarding and training as well as compliance.

Docebo uses artificial intelligence to personalize the learning experience. Employees receive questions on topics that they missed in the past, reintroducing them to concepts in a new way. Instead of asking each team member to answer every question, they only review topics they need the most help with.

Each company has different needs. That’s why these learning tools are so diverse. Some teams might need customized questions or hands-on training, while others simply want an existing platform. Look at the different choices and determine which online learning software is right for your brand.

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