Online Forms for New Hire Onboarding

Online Forms for New Hire Onboarding

HR professionals are responsible for the smooth transition of a new hire, both for the newly minted employee as well as for the company. Online forms are a human resource professional’s best friend for new hire onboarding and orientation. With forms, you can easily collect necessary information and neatly store the data in your Jotform dashboard as well as your business tool of preference (Excel, Google Sheets, Dropbox, etc.). Make sure your new hire onboarding form is ready to collect all the information your company requires by reviewing these popular areas and accessing if your company needs them.

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New Hire Contact Information

It is a given that new employee onboarding forms must collect new hire contact information. In addition to a new hire’s legal name, your form can also collect a “preferred name” to accommodate people who want to be called something other than their real first name.

New Hire IT Information

Your company may give employees a new laptop, in which case you can have new hires select if they prefer Mac or Windows platform. You can also ask how the new hire prefers their keyboard and mouse to be wired or wireless. If your company sets up laptops with different software products depending on the new hire’s role and/or team, your online form should also collect this information.

New employee onboarding form
A sample new employee onboarding form template

New Hire Facilities Information

If your company uses badges to allow employees to access the building and other facilities, your new hire onboarding form can ask for a photo upload. If the new hire’s manager also fills out a form, the form can ask for a specific desk number for the new employee and any other additional information needed.

New Hire Access Setup Information

A new hire’s manager or other person filling out a form on the new hire’s behalf can fill out questions, such as: “Does your new hire require a phone for business purposes?” “What specific distribution lists or email aliases do you want this new hire added to?” “What database access will this new hire need?”

Does your company use online forms for new hire onboarding? What other kinds of information do you collect?

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