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After an exhaustive interviewing process and having a candidate accept a new job offer, now comes the process to onboard the employee. Onboarding can be quite sophisticated, time-consuming, and include many steps since there’s a great deal of information that may you may require. However, setting up onboarding processes is invaluable for a company’s success.

For example, if you rely on hiring many temporary employees or independent contractors at a time, such as a delivery or catering company, your onboarding process should be an easy way to gather the essential information you need to add them to your company’s workforce. This can include uploading an image of a driver’s license, a form field for their portfolio, etc. If you are in need of proper onboarding processes to welcome new hires to your team, you may want a flexible system that allows you to customize onboarding to, for instance, make it easy to upload a photo and a short bio so that the employee directory can be updated and ready for introductions.

Onboarding does not need to be a messy back-and-forth email exchange. With Jotform, you can automate your onboarding process so that information is exchanged and organized seamlessly.

Pro Tip

Automate your onboarding process seamlessly with Jotform’s online onboarding form templates.

Here’s some tips:

Ask the right questions the right way

Strive to strike the right balance between gathering the information you need, and collecting it efficiently. When asking for essential information, collect it in a way that makes the most sense. Perhaps the required information can be provided via fill-in-the blank responses, drop-downs, radio buttons, and more. You can use file upload options to collect documents and images, and you can even use an image upload preview widget which will display a small preview of the image that the user selects, thereby increasing the chance that the correct image was uploaded. Take advantage of the dozens of ways that you can create form fields by checking out Jotform’s widgets (advanced form fields).

Collect signatures online

Easily collect electronic signatures within your online form. Jotform integrates with Adobe E-Signing Services and more signature options. You can also ask form visitors to agree to a set of terms and conditions by checking a box. Take a look at Jotform’s Terms & Conditions widget and easily add it to your onboarding form.

Use email integrations to customize recipients

Whatever email service you use, whether that be Mailchimp, VerticalResponse, or Constant Contact, know that Jotform is integrated with the business tools that you already use. This makes it easy to incorporate your email onboarding processes into your daily workflow. You can also customize who receives what email, and when. Plus, you might want to add links to different forms within custom Thank You messages, and let form visitors know about next steps and other important information.

How do you onboard your new hires? Do you collect any special or fun information to share with the team?

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