Top 10 Apps for Managing Your Form Data

There are a million different ways to manage your form data. Here, at JotForm, we’ve listened to our community and feature requests to build many targeted data management apps. Now, let’s look at the top 10.
This app gets the uploaded images on your forms and shows them in a trendy way.
Import submission data from Excel or CSV formats to your JotForm account.

import data

Analyze your form responses and get better insights of your forms to take reasonable action.


Search submissions from all your forms and delete them when you find them.

search and destroy

Combine your submissions from different forms and different fields to merge them into a single CSV file.

combine submissions

Set your form submissions to be deleted automatically as soon as you receive the notification email. Good app if you are worried about leaving private data in JotForm.

auto submission deleter

Receive & manage your submissions on the go with your Android device.

android app

Create your own seating plan for your reservations, customize it, and generate your form to collect reservations in no time.

reservation form

Create pre-populated forms quickly to help your users fill out your forms properly.

field prepopulator

Receive a digest of your submissions from your forms daily, weekly, or monthly.

daily digest

What’s your favorite data management app? Share your thoughts on the comments section below to help developers build better data management apps in the future.


This article is originally published on Oct 24, 2013, and updated on Feb 19, 2020
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