How to Use Visual Report Filters?

November 26, 2021

Visual Report filters allow you to better analyze trends and patterns in your form responses by creating rules to determine which results are included in your charts and graphs.

You can open the Filter Settings of the Jotform Report Builder page by clicking the Filter Menu button as shown in the screenshot below.

In the Filter Settings, you can limit the submissions the filter would search in from.

 All Submissions will filter all the submissions on the form.

 Unread will filter only the unread submissions on the form.

 Read will filter only the read submissions on the form.

 Favorite will filter only the submissions that were flagged/starred.

 Unfavored will filter only the submissions that were not set as favorite.

Then, under the Advanced Search/Filter section of the Filter Settings, (a) you can set a filter based on the value of the Submission IP, Submission Date, Submission ID,  and the answer in the field of your form that is supported by the JotFrom Report Builder.

(b) Options of Dropdown, Single Choice (radio button), Multiple Choice (checkbox), Star Rating, and Scale Rating fields are automatically set as value options. For other field types, you need to specify a value by typing it into the value field. Submission Date allows you to select a date from a calendar pop-up.

(c)Here are the field statuses that you can select when creating a filter: includes, equals, not equal to, less than, less or equals than, greater than, greater or equals than. Please note that the available filter status depends on the field type of the selected field.

(d) You can create and combine multiple filters for a single report and (e) you can also delete any unwanted filter you previously added.

Added Advanced Search/Filter that was left empty will be removed when the Filter Settings is closed. Added Advanced Search/Filter that was completed but was not applied will also be removed. You can apply an Advanced Search/Filter by clicking the Apply Filter button.

Date Range Settings is also available on the Jotform Report Builder page. This can be used to easily filter visual data report to a specific date range. By default, The Date Range Settings is set to “All Time”. (1) Changing it to a different date range (Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Previous week, Previous month, This year, Previous year, or Custom dates) will automatically apply filters to the report data and (2) filters will be automatically created in the Filter Settings for the selected date range.

You need to click anywhere outside the Date Range Settings to apply the filter. Also, clicking a date on the calendar will set the date range to “Custom dates” automatically.

You can easily check the list of the Filters added to your report by hovering over on the Filter Menu button and clicking it will open the Filter Settings. You can delete “all” the filters you added in the report at once by clicking the “x” button on the right of the Filter Menu button.

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