How to Filter and Search Submissions in Inbox?

January 20, 2022

You can not only view your submissions on Jotform Inbox, but also you can search for specific submissions as well using the search box. Here are some examples:

  • You’re looking for submissions sent by someone specific.
  • You want to find submissions that were sent on a specific date.
  • You want to display submissions from people who applied for the Sales Manager position in a Job Application Form.
  • You want to filter submissions based on a specific tag like Done.

Open Jotform Inbox, and type your search query into the search bar or use the filter to filter submissions based on a date or a particular answer.

Search by Name

Type the name you want to search for in the search bar as shown in the screenshot below:


After typing your query into the search bar, the results should automatically be displayed. You don’t need to press the enter key on your keyboard.

Filter Submissions Based on a Specific Date

  1. Click on Filter and chose Submission Date from the Advanced Filter dropdown.
  2. Select a specific date and time from the calendar below. The calendar will open when you click on the date and time. You can also type the date manually. 
  3. Click on Apply Filter to view the submissions from that date. 
Filter Submissions by Date

You can filter submissions before or after the specified date and time by changing the dropdown value as shown below:


Bonus tip: Click the All time button to quickly search for submissions based on date ranges. 

Filter Submissions Based on an Answer From a Specific Field

For example, you want to search who applied for the Sales Manager position. 

  1. Select the question from the dropdown. 
  2. Choose the option you want to filter submissions for and click on the Apply Filter button.

Do you know that you can create a new tab from filtered submissions in Jotform Inbox? Kindly check the following guide: How to organize your Inbox with tabs

Filter Submissions Based on Tags

You can add different tags to each entry in your Inbox. You can also filter submissions that have a specific tag by either entering the tag name in the search bar directly…


or by applying a filter.


This is how you can search and filter submissions in Jotform Inbox. If you have issues, questions, or suggestions, please reach out to us through one of the support channels below. 

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