How to Import Your Excel/CSV File Data to Create a Visual Report?

November 22, 2021

Visual Reports doesn’t have to be just for the submitted data on your forms. With the Import Data feature of the new Jotform Report Builder, you can now generate visual reports with data from your Excel or CSV file.

To start, go to the MY REPORTS page of your account and click the Create Report button.

On the Create a new report page, click the Visual Report Builder option. This will redirect you to the Report Builder page.

On the Report Builder page, select the Import Data option on the Create New Report modal pop-up and click the Next button.

After clicking the Next button, the Import Your Data modal pop-up will be shown. Click the UPLOAD YOUR FILE area on the pop-up to start uploading the Excel/CSV file from your computer.

This will allow you to select the Excel/CSV file that you would like to upload.

Right after you select and open the Excel/CSV file, you will be prompted that the uploaded file is being processed and verified.

Once the upload is complete, it will show you the uploaded sheet that will be the source for your new visual report. You can also toggle to set the first row as column headers.

Clicking Next will show you the (a) columns that were imported. You can set (b) what type each column should represent on the visual report (Short Text, Long Text, Single Select, Multiple Select, Number). Click the START IMPORT button to begin the importing process.

And when the import process is completed, you can start creating and customizing the visual report for the imported data.



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