Here’s how Jotform users are responding to COVID-19

Here’s how Jotform users are responding to COVID-19

It started with one news hit, then another.

We soon realized that hundreds of people are using Jotform to respond to COVID-19.

To put it lightly, we’re touched.

And the least we can do is share a few stories about how our users are doing good in this time of need.

Just so you know…

Jotform is providing frontline workers, particularly those in the healthcare, government, and nonprofit fields, with unlimited access to our data-collection tools, including HIPAA-friendly forms, while you’re tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. Check our blog to learn more about the Coronavirus Responder Program and whether you may qualify for it.

Helping COVID-19 patients get tested

When times are normal, startup medical company Cool Quit helps people rid themselves of dangerous smoking habits. The organization, founded by doctors Eugene Gu and Bhargav Raman, offers free medications, nicotine patches, and inhalers to help them quit.

But these aren’t normal times.

Cool Quit is now addressing the coronavirus pandemic by offering free COVID-19 screenings, evaluation, and testing to patients in California, Florida, and Texas.

The idea is to provide home testing kits to patients who need them, and also to provide free telemedicine evaluations. Even from afar, the doctors can evaluate symptoms, coordinate in-person visits between patients and local authorized practitioners, and prescribe any necessary medication.

Delivering meals to students and families

When Virginia residents Marissa Ashby and Alexandria Keys heard about widespread school closures due to COVID-19 outbreaks, they took matters into their own hands.

Growing up, the women saw that many students relied on school breakfast and lunch to get by. They knew that school closings meant no food for kids in need, and they set out to change that.

Ashby and Keys created a form to collect information from students and their families so they could easily coordinate and deliver meals.

“When we originally started, we had no idea we would be able to serve our community as much as we have. We have passed out over 300 breakfast and lunch bags and still have families waiting,” said Ashby.

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Photo credit: Marissa Ashby and Alexandria Keys from Earth Girl Magic

The women have seen their initiative take off and are planning on continuing their efforts once the pandemic ends.

“We plan to create a nonprofit that helps youth with food and clothing, and new moms get the items they need in the 757 area,” said Ashby.

If you’d like to help, you can email the women at, reach out on Facebook, or find them on Cash App (ittakesavillage20).

Helping seniors and people with disabilities get essential items 

Jordan Marcoux, one of the owners of Anytime Fitness in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada was forced to close his gym due to COVID-19. He wanted to give back to seniors, at-risk (immune compromised) individuals, and people who need to self quarantine but don’t have any way of getting the items they need.

“I wanted to help out. I know some people are probably scared or worried to leave their house at this time. Myself and the volunteers are young. Though the risks are there for us, it was my hope to help those who are more at risk and who might not be OK if they contracted the virus,” said Marcoux.

Marcoux decided to create a form where people can fill out their personal information, requested delivery day and time, shopping list, and more. Marcoux’s shopping and delivery service encourages social distancing and helps at-risk individuals get everything they need, while staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With delivery services in such high demand, his efforts are coming at a time when people need them the most.

Wonderfully, Marcoux isn’t the only person with the same thought.

Started by University of Nevada student Jayde Powell, Shopping Angels is also launching to help seniors get shopping necessities delivered to their doorstep by a network of volunteers. While many of the rest of her classmates were gearing up for spring break, she set out to make a real difference.

The organization is using Jotform to enlist volunteers, as well as sign up those in need of assistance. You can also check out their feature on CNN.

Taking mental health appointments online

With the spread of COVID-19, many businesses have been forced to close their physical locations. One of these is Ohio-based mental health organization Compass Point Counseling Services.

But the counseling service still needed a way to be there for clients and continue with weekly mental health sessions.

“We have clients who come to manage anxiety or depression, as well as some who are self-injuring or battling addictions, and these clients all need to keep their routine and feel supported,” said Kristin Henderson, business manager.

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The organization decided it was in their clients’ best interests to see them remotely, so they set up a “telemental health” workflow using online forms, such as an online consent form, to ensure that sensitive patient information is safeguarded and patients can get the care they need.

Compass Point is a small business and is feeling the economic hit that many other organizations are facing. By moving their services online, they’re still able to bring in revenue and stay afloat.

“So many smaller practices are struggling during this time and afraid that they will have to shut their doors on their clients and their dreams. Their clients are then unable to get the care they need. Our practice setup allows us to hire clinicians from any state and give them the support they need to continue seeing clients and continue bringing in revenue,” said Henderson.

With widespread panic at an all-time high, Compass Point is doing its part to foster a sense of calm in their community.

Is your organization using Jotform as a way to respond to the COVID-19 crisis? Let us know your story in the comments.

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