Extraordinary ways Jotformers are helping during COVID-19

Extraordinary ways Jotformers are helping during COVID-19

In March, we wrote a blog post that highlighted how Jotformers were responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

Since then, the situation has affected different parts of the world in different ways. Some areas are getting better, some are about the same, and some are taking a turn for the worse.

But there’s been one constant along the way — our users’ willingness to help in whatever way they can. 

We’ve uncovered more stories about how JotFormers are dedicating time, energy, and resources to aid people during the global pandemic.

We continue to be inspired, and we hope you are too. 

Protecting healthcare professionals on the front lines

In mid March, nonprofit Talent Maker City shifted its priorities and directed all of its resources to prototyping and producing personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare professionals fighting COVID-19 in southern Oregon.

Extraordinary ways Jotformers are helping during COVID-19 Image-1
Photo credit: Members of the Talent Maker City team

“Part of our response has been using Jotform to accept PPE orders from essentials workers and connecting those in need of personal fabric masks with those who can sew. Jotform has been a critical part of our regional efforts to fight COVID-19,” said Ryan Wilcoxson.

Using dog therapy to help with physical and mental health

Operation H.E.E.L. (Heal & Empower Every Life) is an animal-assisted intervention practice that brings together humans and dogs for natural physical and mental health benefits.

During the pandemic, the organization has taken its admin processes online to offer clients online enrollment forms and a simple way to book appointments.

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Photo credit: Operation H.E.E.L
Extraordinary ways Jotformers are helping during COVID-19 Image-3
Cindy Brosig from Operation H.E.E.L and one of her therapy dogs

“I am able to continue to provide an essential mental health service for children with the support of their dogs due to the tremendous resources of complimentary health forms available through Jotform,” said Cindy Brosig.

Matching frontline workers with student volunteers

A group of passionate healthcare students from McGill University created a COVID-19 Student Support Initiative (CSSI) to match busy healthcare professionals on the front lines with student volunteers.

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The COVID-19 Student Support Initiative (CSSI) team

Volunteers must be students in a healthcare program who are willing to volunteer their time to help frontline healthcare professionals with their daily tasks (i.e., childcare, pet care, grocery runs, general errands, and more). Check out their form here.

“We use Jotform as a signup tool for student volunteers and healthcare professionals who want to request help with one or more of their daily tasks,” said Adamo Donovan.

Conducting online medical consultations

Indonesian organization, Medikku, offers free online medical and  psychological consultations, and helps deliver medications to people in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Photo provided by Medikku

“I’m a medical doctor, and people close to me have died because of the virus. Maybe I can’t save everyone, but I have to do something. Jotform offered a free account, and it instantly became the basis of our operational system,” said Ryan Ardiansyah.

Bringing essential items to seniors in need

San Diego-based nonprofit, ElderHelp, provides personalized services to help seniors live independently and age with dignity in their own homes. 

Since the pandemic began, ElderHelp has worked around the clock to support seniors in need, especially those who are isolated, homebound, or have limited access to food, medical services, and family support. 

Extraordinary ways Jotformers are helping during COVID-19 Image-6
Senior blowing a kiss through the window to ElderHelp team member

“With Jotform, we quickly moved volunteer applications and materials online. We were able to track and fulfill senior shopping and supply needs and coordinate check-in calls for our seniors with Jotform,” said Gretchen Veihl.

Providing teletherapy to students 

Sally Dorpfeld, a licensed mental health counselor provides individual counseling services to students and staff at a school in south Florida.

Extraordinary ways Jotformers are helping during COVID-19 Image-7
Photo provided by Sally Dorpfeld

The pandemic forced Dorpfeld to switch to teletherapy to continue helping her clients. With Jotform, she was able to create forms for online consent, intake, appointment requests, client surveys, and more.

“I am very thankful that Jotform offered the HIPAA service for free, so that I’m able to transition without the barrier of having to put out money first, and to be able to meet the needs of my students and families that I serve,” said Sally Dorpfeld.

We’re grateful for our users who are helping out during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Annabel is a former Director of Communications at Jotform. She's passionate about writing and has worked in communications roles domestically and internationally. When she's not blogging about SaaS or online forms, she enjoys international travel, loud concerts, and artisan coffee.

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