How to Set Up an Approval Element in Jotform Approvals

April 30, 2024

The Approval element in Jotform Approvals allows you to configure and define outcomes for your approval flow. Aside from the default Approve and Deny, you can add more outcomes if needed and even set up multistep and parallel approvals.

To add use Approval

  1. In Jotform Approvals, add Approval to your workflow.
Adding an Approval element to workflow
  1. Create paths for each of your outcomes. See How to Add and Connect Elements in Jotform Approvals to learn more.
Workflow paths in Jotform Approvals
  1. Assign the outcome for each path.
An approved flow in Jotform Approvals

Select Edit in the Outcomes dialog to edit your outcomes.

To configure your Approval

  1. Select the Approval’s gear icon to open properties.
The Approval element's gear icon
  1. Configure your Approval in the properties panel.
The Approval Properties pane in Jotform Approvals

Here are the available options under the General tab:

  • Outcomes — Approve and Deny are the default outcomes. Add more custom response options by selecting Add new outcome. Change an outcome’s color by hovering over it and selecting the ink drop icon.
  • Approvers — Set to your email address by default. You can specify the approver’s email address or map it to your form’s email fields using the Form Fields dropdown.
  • Require Login for Approver — Turn off this option if you don’t need your approvers to log in to their Jotform account to complete their tasks. Using account-based approval or requiring login is highly recommended so your approvers can track their activities through Jotform.
  • Completion Rule — If you have multiple approvers, you can set the outcome’s completion rule.
  • Approval Request Email — Select Edit to customize the email sent to your approvers.

To view more options, go to Advanced in the properties panel.

The Approval element's advanced properties

Here are the available options under the Advanced tab:

  • Require Comments — Require your approvers to comment on the request in Jotform Inbox to complete the task.
  • Reassign — Allow your approvers, in Jotform Inbox, to reassign their task to another person.
  • Request More Information — Allow your approvers, in Jotform Inbox, to ask for more details about the submission before they approve or reject the request.
  • Escalation — Automatically send the request to someone else if the primary approver fails to complete the task within the allowed period.
  • Expiration — Set the approval request to expire automatically after a certain period or on a specific date.
  • Automatically Finish the Task — Set the approval to automatically select an outcome after a certain period or on a specific date.
  • Send Reminder Emails — Send a periodic reminders to your approvers to complete their tasks.

All changes are automatically saved.

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