How to add a form to DotNetNuke

May 3, 2017

Adding Jotform forms to DotNetNuke page is pretty easy. 

After creating your form, follow this steps to get your form’s iframe code and embed it in your DotNetNuke page.


1. Open your Jotform in edit mode

2. Click the “Publish” button in the toolbar.

3. In the Publish wizard, please go to the “Embed” tab. Choose “iFrame” in the Embed Options list. Click the green “Copy Code” button at the bottom in order to copy the iFrame code.

4. Login to your DotNetNuke control panel page.

5. If adding a New Page, in the control panel, select Pages/Action and Add the page.

6. If editing a Page, click on Manage button and select Edit Content.

7. In the EditContent page

      a. Select Rich Text Editor Option

      b. Click on the HTML tab

      c. Paste your Form Embed code.

      d. Click Save button to save the page. This will also close the Editor.

That’s all. Go to DotNetNuke Preview Mode to see your form.


Note: DotNetNuke does not allow other scripts except iFrame when embedding in the page HTML editor.


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