How to set Form Limits Based on a Unique Question

October 19, 2021

Let’s suppose you are running a contest and would like to limit unique entries or values in a form. For example, you might want to accept Unique Cell Phone numbers. To accomplish that, follow the steps below:

1. Add a Short Text Entry field (rather than the pre-designed phone field) and label it as Cell Phone.

2. Click on Settings>>Form Settings, and then on the Show More Options button.

3. Scroll down, and choose Cell Phone field from the available options of the Unique Question drop down:

You can even customize the Warning message. You can find out more details on regards to Form Warnings.

Form limits based on Unique Questions will work on any input type such as Email fields or plain Text fields.

On the example above, you can even add a Hover Text and a Hint value to indicate if you want only numbers or just separated by a dash, as on this example.

Currently, this feature is available only for drop down selectors and fields which have a single text box. It will not work for Full NamePhone or (Postal) Address because they each consist of multiple text boxes. It also will not work for Text Areas (the tool immediately under the Text Box in the Form Tools menu).

Questions? Please let us know below!

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