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How to Delete Form Submission Data

How to Delete Form Submission Data

You have some old submissions you want to delete? You can do that directly on your submissions page.

Here's a quick step-by-step that you can follow:

1. First, navigate to your "My Forms" page, select a form and click the "Submissions" button.


2. In the submissions page, you can see the "Delete" button. This will allow you to delete the submission on view.


3. When you scroll down, you can see a grid table with the list of submissions on that form. There are two delete buttons you can use here. The "x" button that is on each submission and the "Delete All Submissions" button. 


4. When deleting submissions individually, you will see this warning message (see screenshot below). Please note that deleting submission data is irreversible and will permanently remove it in our servers, including the file uploads on them. 


5. Now if you are deleting ALL of your submissions, you can see this warning message asking you to enter your password if you would like to continue on this action.


6. If you want to delete specific submissions, let's say the old ones, then you can filter the list of submissions displayed in the grid table by setting up a "Time Frame".

7. After setting up a specific time frame, you can see that the delete button text now displays "Delete Submissions in Time Range". This means, you will be deleting all the submissions filtered by the time frame you set up.

8. The same warning message will display but it will state if you want to continue on deleting the submissions in the current time range.



- Make sure to download your submission data including the file uploads for backup purposes.

- You can export your data with just one click, navigate to Account->Data->Click "Export Data".

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to comment below.

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  • ookusogu

    Thank you very much. That helped.

  • Frontrange2019

    Why is it showing we have exceeded our quota when you try to request a quote on our website:

    I have deleted all the submissions that were on your server.

    Is there something else I need to do??

  • Kathleen Beisly

    I’m unable to use this function to delete the submissions on this form. When asked for my password, I enter my Google password as that is how I log in but receive a message that the password is wrong and the process is aborted.

    I would appreciate it if someone in support can delete all records. We’ve been testing and and nearly ready to push this form live so even though I did download all these records, we don’t need them in JotForm any longer.

  • mfesc201602

    HI , I am useing your plan to Delete Form Submission ,but my account Submission didn't reduce .Help!

  • Walsh_Lesley

    Hello! I created a test submission of a survey and then deleted that test submission. But those answers are still showing up in the Visual Report of the responses. Help!

  • PacificPlanners

    Hi there!

    I've got a message from JF indicating the forms will be disabled due exceeding the storage space and submissions limits.
    I have deleted hundreds of submissions and uploads but the cunt is still not going down. Have refreshed the site, and checked within the account settings, but the number of submissions remains same as before deleting lots of them.
    Could you please let me know if there is anything I am doing wrong in the process of deleting data?


  • Minh Pham

    Yes, I’ve already deleted old submissions to clear up space.
    I am still getting overlimit message and that my form will be disabled.

  • marconey

    Is it at all possible to give the ability to the form submitter to delete their own submission sometimes in the future? I understand they can get a link which enables them to edit the form contents at a later time. But what I am thinking about is a button somewhere on the form that gives the form filler / submitter the ability to delete the entire submission in one fell swoop :o) Is there such feature available?

  • Miltonarts

    Why is it when the submissions are deleted, the count still includes the deleted submissions?

  • rosco1956

    How can I delete submissions automatically after I saved the entry?

  • ubus

    Hi, someone used a coupon they were not entitled to use to get a 100% discount on an event registration. I emailed them in this regard without a reply. I would now like to delete their submission to void the registration. Will they be notified of the deletion?

  • robertcfrazier

    Hi this looks great but when I click on submissions, it only shows the page for a split second and then goes to a blank page.

  • nelsonphilip

    Is there any way to schedule routine deletions of form submissions?

  • SkateCityColorado

    I am trying to delete an old form. I have done this several times before and it won't let me anymore. i click on the form, go to more, scroll down to delete and it use to work.


  • jgribble

    Hi there
    I cant seem to figure out how to clear my upload space? i have deleted all previous submission etc but the upload space is still saying its full?

    Can you help?


  • relaymedph

    This was helpful.

    I wanted to ask, however, if the 100GB storage that I have as a Silver Plan account is renewed each time I delete old submissions? When I was on the trial plan, I noted that even when I had deleted sample submissions that I had sent, I was always given a warning that I was close to reaching my upload limit.

    I don't need to store all the data I receive after the analytics. So if I clear the submissions at the end of every month, does that refresh my 100GB storage?



  • Balletcafe

    I deleted a few submissions but just received an email saying my forms have been disabled.

  • lisastar8

    I have that done but how do I clear it from my history so that’s it’s not a pending or submitted payment ? What I deleted were just published from my edits but not real payments so I’m not sure why it counted it as that?

  • rsamdio

    can i delete only the uploaded data ? So that i can control my size limit.


    I can't find the password ??

    Can you help me ?


  • thelacsadvance

    I have 1 forms that says I have 10 Submissions but when I open it, I can only see 6.
    I have another form that says I have 9 Submissions and when I open it, I only see 6.
    The submissions that I can not see are from 2016 and no longer needed. How can I delete these submissions that I can not see?????

  • jeromejj4

    Is there a setting where data can be deleted automatically? Or not even saved in the account at all? I'm working on a survey where the results will be emailed directly to the user and we don't want the results submitted to us at all.

  • fdalton

    I'll need time to review this, but someone just got back and told me we were under our limit and no need to worry.


    I have click on screenshot delete :
    Don't show this message again
    Can i retrieve this screenshot ?

  • erdalfuelwire

    How can i delete submisions data in grid report?

  • Benti78

    I deleted all my submissions with included data, but if i open an older link, i can download the old uploaded data! Thats critical point. My upload folder is after clear all submissions completely free. But i can use the old links from the submission-responds and can download the files!