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How to Integrate Form with PayPal Personal

How to Integrate Form with PayPal Personal

PayPal is the most popular online payment service in use today. It enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments. Payments can be immediate or authorized for later capture.

JotForm provides PayPal Payment Tools, one of them is the PayPal Payments Standard a.k.a PayPal Personal. Just like any other payment tool, this enables you to sell products and subscriptions, collect donations, and custom amounts in their forms and get paid through PayPal Payment Standard gateway.

Integrating your form with PayPal Standard is easy, here are the steps:

1. In the Payments tab, search and add PayPal Personal:

2. In the Payment wizard, enter your PayPal credentials. 

With PayPal Standard, it only requires your PayPal email address.

3. Choose whether you want to Sell Products, Sell Subscriptions, collect custom amount (User Defined Amount), or Collect Donations.

4. Assuming that you want to sell products, continue to the next page to create a product. It is pretty straightforward.

Click Create New Product button.

Then enter the product details. You can also add product options like quantity, size, color and etc.

5. Save the products you've created and you're good to go.

Here's an example form that uses PayPal Personal.

Feel free to submit it to test the form. It is in Sandbox mode.

Optional settings like Coupons, Shipping, Tax are also available. Click them to learn more about these options.

If you also want to test your PayPal payment form, check out this guide How To Test PayPal Payment Form.


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  • karl.rigby

    I have pretty much set up my form and am trying to integrate PayPal. it shows the product part of the element, but shows no option for check out, I would also like it to be linked so that when the PayPal payment is completed the form is submitted. help would be greatly appreacieated

  • florpublishing

    I can click on paypal but then it doesn't ask me for my credentials. When I do the preview form and attempt it's not connected.

  • oceforms

    How do you disable the BACK button. If they click SUBMIT and it takes them to Paypal to pay and then click the BACK button instead. The payment is NOT processed but the form is cleared and submitted (ordered) without a payment. PLEASE HELP!

  • David DiNicola

    I’m going to receive payment into PayPal. I don’t know how that works. How do I get this money into my bank account?

  • whidbeyislandpc

    I need help please. Every time I try to connect my JotForm to PayPal I get a successful connection but when I click the button to return me to my JotForm the process gets hung. Is this something you can help me with?
    Nancy Petersen

  • Stamm_Gerhard

    Thanks for that info

    but in addition i need to have the posibility that my costumers can pay by credit card

    what i need to do?

  • ankit

    I want to accept payment from customers who don't have paypal account. Is it possible through this?

  • 11gera

    How do I create a form for a service (carpet cleaning). The amount is going to be different for every costumer.
    Thank you

  • fedorveuser

    Hi there. Great service.
    How can I open "Go to Payment page" in a new tab. Is it possible?

  • weddingsbylulu

    Hod you change the color of the Paypal product text description and price?

  • Ugwuokeaustine

    Pls hw can i start my jotform

  • CrystalCMCS

    When I put in my paypal email address it will never connect and eventually says fail. I've watched several videos and read articles that says this will work but it does not. I have a paypal business account. Any suggestions.

  • sharonfelker

    Hello, If my current form is selected as Purchase Order, how do I change it to PayPal integration.

  • verolawlor

    Hello, I keep getting an error message when testing out the PayPal link - how can I resolve this? Or, can I remove this section and input a PayPal button on to the form? thank you.

  • elitetravelinc

    Is there a way to pay to have you guys fix this? It just keeps saying it can't authenticate

  • FCPC

    I created a form and followed the steps...but the "submit" button does not appear on the form.

  • McFarlanePromotions

    Can you please tell us how to integrate PayPal for a user defined amount? When I do that, no "Submit" button comes up, so there's nothing more than the client can do. Any help would be appreciated.


    Kan aku udah buat rekening pay pal kok gak bisa ngambil uangku sih sejumlah $114 dolar


    Mau ngambil uang dolar di rupiahkan

  • Innocentagbaji

    Hw I Can Creat Paypal Acct To My Busines

  • sblhair

    hello, I wish to integrate my forms. I use jotform and I have a business PayPal account. I have my password and log in credential but what is a API Signature?

  • Colette Bos


    I need a form that will first gather and send me the contact information of a visitor who requests an information brochure pdf about our digital service. After they read the information brochure pdf in greater detail, about our service, then if they like they can order this digital product through PayPal. I would like a form that would facilitate the entire process. Do you have a form that could incorporate all of these steps?

    Colette Bos

  • knickers010

    How do I set up paypal on form to accept donations? And can 3 or 6 instalments for 1 payment be accepted?

  • elbahi

    Hi there, I wish to use paypal for our non-profit organisation. the main purpose is our dance events, and dancers have to pay an entry fee. so we are talking about 250 payments made by athletes twice a year. I have a free account. Can I receive 250 payments with my free account

  • residence2015

    I need to offert 3 payment option but the client have to select only one. Is this possible in Jotform-Paypal integration? I need a single choice in paypal product.

  • Mr TESOL


    I have a dine in restaurant website client who wants to list specific dishes on their website and allow people to select a time and date (reservation) on the website in order to have that specific (prepaid)meal at the restaurant as well as pay for it on the website, before coming to the restaurant. Would JotForm be an option for me?



    We want to use Paypal with app (Apple and android).
    However, Paypal requires setting up with the paypal button. Myparishapp links directly to the payment processor through URL. Can your company provide this service using program?

  • Shannon Berry

    Nice writing but not enough. Try to make it more informative and bigger

  • eatsprout

    I have the integration set up completely except one glitch... once the checkout through paypal is complete it tries to redirect to my website and I don't want this to happen. I need the redirect to be something specific, is that possible?

  • Vitor20

    Hello. Yes, I would like to know how I make money. Should I choose to sell any product? how it works? how do I do? Can you explain me? thank you

  • Vitor20

    Ola gostaria de usar isso. Mas alguém me ajuda como ganho dinheiro aqui. Obrigado

  • AccorrusIT


    I would like use Paypal as my payment system, and was wonder if there is a function that can set for the duration the 1st payment will cover.

    Basically we are trying to sell a subscription based product for $5000/year. However, for the 1st 2 year, we are going to give a discount of $8000/2years.

    However on my form, if I put the subscription period as Annually ($5000), and the 1st payment amount is $8000, my client will be charged $5000 on the 2nd year when my intention was for my client to be charged $5000 annually from the 3rd year and onwards.

    Is there any way to do that? Thanks

  • Gabriela Schechter

    I am still not sure.. I love the form and how easy is to create and integrate.

    I do have a customer that offers camps. She wants people to send her the forms signed and also at the same time on the same form have the option to pay paypal. So basically once you fill out a form it sends an email with notification and maybe on that autoresponder or thank you page add the paypal option? Suggestions?

  • cmcveigh

    I did what you advised, and I still have no idea if it works. First of all, the fields that David told me to create are still on the form and I can't get rid of them, plus now, there is the 'my products' section.
    The other problem is that after I fill out the form (when I publish it) there is no 'submit button' and nothing that takes it over to paypal. Any help will be appreciated.

  • mkapoosta

    where is the "payment wizard"??

  • Dolores Ballintyn

    Is there any cost for using Paypal on the part of the Jotform subscriber or is this cost added on PayPal's end to the person using it?

    Thank you,

  • Lronaghan

    My PayPal form isn't working. The page just moves onto the next one in the sequence. It worked when I tested it earlier in the week. Please can you help? I've now sent out the links and it's a bit time sensitive.

  • junepjenkins

    How do I remove Paypal from my account. I am trying to change my form so I can use PayPal Now, but it says I can only have one payment provider setup.

  • rideout

    If I add a field to my form like Phone #, is there a way to send it with the payment to paypal so it is captured on the payment?

  • pinto25ji

    after adding API username, password and signature, it says, "unable to verifY"

  • Acappellakentuckiana

    I don't know how to set up the "payment gateway" with PayPal. I have done a test donation, but it is still in the "incomplete payments" location on JotForm. I also received a notice from PayPal that I needed to do a confirmation email; I have written to them also because following their directions didn't work. Help!

  • morningstarleaders

    I followed instruction as provided and now have registration set up.

    1. How do I test the functions?

    2. How do I allow volunteers to register and waive their costs?

  • flytraverse

    I am trying to collect donations on a form, but when I preview. there is no PayPal button. It has a submit button but when I click submit it does not go anywhere. Can you help me see what i am doing wrong.

  • AmericanGeriatric

    after i created my products, whats next? where is the payment button? how will it go to paypal?

  • larr85

    tengo problemas, dice que mi api no se puede verificar.

  • edyefb7

    Is there a way to have both products and collect a donation on the same form?

  • mmills12

    The PayPal Wizard is not working? Is there a problem with it. I have it on other forms and its works fine. Trying to create a new form and it does nothing. Please help.

  • msysing

    Hello. I have a Product Order form that requires information and agreement to terms and conditions. I placed the button but I dont see a clickable button underneath. DO I add a SUBMIT button so it will accept the information and proceed to Paypal?

    THanks for your help.

  • martharob

    I have PayPal Pro and was able to set it up, but even though I have Pro, it still takes me to a new PayPal page (like regular PayPal). What am I doing wrong?

  • Charles Dressler

    I have an order form and when the form calculates prices. I want the prices to enter into the PayPal payment form. Can you integrate the form into PayPal?