How to Generate an Invoice for Your Payment Form

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Jotform now offers a way for form owners to generate an invoice for their payment forms. Aside from saving time looking for alternatives and workarounds, this also greatly reduces the costs involved with paying third-party invoice providers. You can generate invoices on all our plans, even the free plan.

You can create your invoices from scratch, but you can also choose from our collection of hundreds of PDF templates.

To generate an invoice, follow the steps below:

  1. Once you’ve set up the payment gateway, open the Payment Settings panel by clicking the wand icon.
  2. Go to the Invoice tab.
  3. Set Enable Invoice to “Yes”.

You can enter your business details under the Your Business Details section. The information will appear on your invoices.

How to Edit the Invoice Template

Clicking Preview the Invoice will open the PDF Editor with the default invoice template.


You can customize the invoice, similar to the way you can customize PDF copies of form submissions. You can also add company- and invoice-related form elements and place them anywhere on the invoice.


How to Attach the Invoice to Emails

Back in the Form Builder, you can find the option to attach an invoice in the Payment Settings’ Invoice tab.


This option is enabled by default, and all email alerts are selected.

How to Add a Unique Invoice Number

The Generate Unique Invoice Number option is empty by default.


Clicking +Add Unique ID Field adds a Unique ID widget to the form which will then generate the invoice numbers for each new entry. For more information, check out our guide on How to Add Custom Unique IDs to your Form Submissions.

This unique invoice identifier will appear at the top of the invoice.


 And that’s it. Now you can generate an invoice for your payment forms.

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