How to Generate an Invoice for Your Payment Form

March 19, 2024

Jotform offers a way for your payment forms to automatically generate invoices for your form fillers. You can either create and customize your invoices from scratch or choose from our collection of hundreds of PDF templates.

To generate an invoice after submission:

  1. Select your Product List’s shopping cart icon to open settings.
  2. In the settings pane on the right, go to Invoice at the top.
  3. Turn on Enable Invoice.
  4. Enter your business details that will appear on your invoice.
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  1. Scroll further down the settings pane to see the following options:
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  • Preview the Invoice — Preview, edit, and customize your invoice in the PDF Editor.
  • Attach to Emails — Add your invoice to your Notifications and Autoresponders.
  • Generate Invoice Number — Use a Unique ID widget to add a unique identifier to your invoice.
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