How to Add Shipping Cost to Payment Forms

October 18, 2021

With our shipping feature, you may now specify a cost for shipping each item or set a weight value for each item. Assuming that you have already added the product items to your form, you can navigate to the Shipping tab in the payment wizard.

1. Click the PAYMENT FIELD on your form then hit the WAND icon to open the wizard.

2. Finish setting up your payment gateway and ensure your PAYMENT TYPE is set to SELL PRODUCTS, scroll all the way down to the bottom, then click the CONTINUE button.

3. Go to the SHIPPING tab.

4. Then toggle the ENABLE SHIPPING option to YES.

If you’re not seeing the tabs shown above, this could mean two things:

? Either you are not selling products, in which case you should go back to STEP #1 and ensure your PAYMENT TYPE is set to SELL PRODUCTS.

? Or you’re still on the payment setup section, so scroll down and click the green CONTINUE button at the bottom of the payment wizard first.

You’ll see additional options after enabling the shipping option. Here you can choose two types of charge basis:



5. For PER PRODUCT ITEM, you have to specify the cost of shipping each item. Do note that if the ADDITIONAL ITEM COST is left empty, buyers will be charged a flat rate based on the FIRST ITEM COST.

The ADDITIONAL ITEM COST is also applicable if you have set up a QUANTITY option for your product.

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6. For PER TRANSACTION (Flat Rate), your buyers will be charged for the shipping cost you specify regardless of what item they choose or how many they buy from your payment field.

For forms with PayPal Integration, you can specify a weight value for each product. These values will be used if you have a weight-based shipping method configured under your Paypal account.

You can also specify the WEIGHT UNIT, either in POUNDS or KILOGRAMS.

NOTE: The WEIGHT UNIT option is only available for PAYPAL. Other unique shipping cost options will be automatically loaded for other payment gateways such as STRIPE and AUTHORIZE.NET.

Once the form is Published, the Shipping is automatically calculated and is displayed in the Product section of the form.

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