Configuring PayPal Express Integration

October 24, 2023


PayPal has deprecated PayPal Express payment. However, you can still collect payments with other PayPal integrations, such as the following:

Jotform’s PayPal Express integration requires a Business PayPal account. If you don’t have one, sign up or upgrade your existing Personal account.

  1. In the Form Builder, click the Add Form Element button.
  2. Go to the Payments tab.
  3. Search and click PayPal Express. You can also drag and drop it to the form to add.
  1. Enter your API Credentials. You can obtain it by following the steps from this guide or going directly to this page from PayPal to get it.
  2. Select your preferred Currency.
  3. Choose a Payment Type. PayPal Express supports selling products, subscriptions, collecting donations, and user-defined amounts.
  1. Under Additional Gateway Settings, toggle Digital Goods to Yes.
  1. If you opted to Sell Products or Subscriptions, click the Continue button at the bottom of the Payment Settings to add your products/subscriptions. If you choose Donation or User Defined Amount, click the Save button to complete the integration.

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