SalesForce Duplicate Checking

November 5, 2021

SalesForce integration gives you the option to either discard a duplicate entry or to update the existing record with new values.

Standard Matching Rules

By default, the integration uses SalesForce’s standard matching rules to identify whether a record already exists in your SalesForce account.

Standard Contact and Lead Matching Rules

Standard Account Matching Rules

If upon creation of a record SalesForce returns a duplicate error, Jotform will try to find the original record and update it with the new values (if found).

Search Parameters

Jotform uses the following values as parameters when looking for the original record to update:

For accounts:

  1. Full Name
  2. [Billing Address] City
  3. [Billing Address] Postal Code

For contacts and leads:

  1. Full Name
  2. Email

It is imperative that your form contains these fields and that they are matched to corresponding SalesForce fields.


In summary, here is how exactly Duplicate Checking works:

  1. User submits the form
  2. Jotform sends the values to SalesForce
  3. If SalesForce detects duplicity (using the standard matching rules), Jotform will be notified
  4. If “Update Existing Entry” is selected, Jotform finds the original record using search parameters for the corresponding record type
  5. Jotform attempts to update this record
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