How to Embed a Form to Zenfolio Classic

December 20, 2023

Zenfolio is a website builder designed specifically for photographers, offering a seamless platform to showcase their work online. With an intuitive tool for portfolio creation, image management, and client galleries, Zenfolio empowers photographers to customize their websites, sell prints, and create a professional online presence tailored to their artistic vision.

If your website is with Zenfolio Classic, embedding a form is possible by creating a custom page. Let’s start!

Preparing Your Form Embed Code for Zenfolio Classic

To get your form embed code:

  1. In the Form Builder, go to the Publish tab.
  2. Select Platforms on the left panel.
  3. Search for and click Zenfolio from the list.
Platforms section of the Jotform Form Builder showing Zenfolio as one of the 3rd party publish options
  1. Click the Copy Code button to copy the embed codes.
Copy Code button in the Zenfolio publish option

Now, let’s go to the embedding part.

Embedding a Form to Zenfolio Classic

As mentioned, you can embed your form into Zenfolio Classic through a Custom Page. Edit or create a new one and do the following:

  1. In the Custom Page Editor, click the Embed option.
Embed option in Zenfolio Classic Page Editor
  1. In the Embed window, paste the iframe codes in the Content box.
  2. Before inserting/updating the embed block, you must manually adjust the iframe code’s height and width value. For example, the width value from 100% to 750px, and the height value from 539px to 980px. See the screenshot below for an example:
Iframe embed code of a Jotform form pasted into the Content tab of the Embed window in Zenfolio Classic Page Editor


Adjusting the width and height value, as mentioned in Step #3 above, is required because, for some reason, Zenfolio accepts the script part of the iframe but prevents it from working. The script part adjusts the width and, particularly, the height of the form.

  1. Click the Insert/Update button at the bottom-right corner of the page.
  2. Finally, click either Save and Preview or Save and Close button to save the changes.
Save buttons in Zenfolio Classic Page Editor
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