How to Change Your Username

December 7, 2023

When registering to Jotform, you only need to provide your email address. Jotform will automatically create a username for you. To change your username, follow the steps below.

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  • Updating usernames is possible for both Free and Paid accounts, except HIPAA accounts. If you’re on HIPAA, the only way to change your username would be to disable HIPAA compliance. You can enable HIPAA compliance again after the process.
  • Changing your username invalidates all custom form URLs with your old username.

Here’s how to change your username:

  1. Open Account Profile.
  2. Next, click on Edit at the right end of the Username row.
  3. Enter your new username, then click on Save.
Jotform Profile Page - Edit Username

The change is saved if the username is available. Otherwise, a “Username is not available” message will appear.

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Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
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