How to Switch to the New Version of the Jotform PDF Editor?

October 10, 2022

Are you still using the old Jotform PDF Editor? Why not switch to the new Jotform PDF Editor? This guide will show you how. 

Switching to the New Jotform PDF Editor

You can switch to the new PDF editor in two (2) simple clicks, as shown below:

  1. On your form’s old submissions page, click the PDF icon.
  2. Click the Customize PDF from the options.

The page will redirect you to the new PDF Editor.


If you landed on the old PDF Editor page, you could change the version of PDF Editor by clicking the Try PDF Editor button.


Switching to the New Jotform PDF Editor for a Specific Form

You can also access the new PDF Editor for a specific form on the My Forms page. Here are the steps:

  1. On the My Forms page, hover on the form and click its More option.
  2. Select Open PDF Editor.

You can also use the quick access menu in the upper-left corner of the Form Builder. Choose PDF Editor from the options.


If you landed on the old PDF Editor, click the Try New PDF Editor button, as shown in the third screenshot above. Now you can start using the new Jotform PDF Editor for this form!

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