How to Use Jotform Enterprise in Microsoft Power Automate

November 24, 2022

Microsoft Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow, provides a premier service for business automation by connecting you to the service you use daily.

Jotform Enterprise connector is available on Microsoft Power Automate, making your Jotform forms more powerful than ever. Whether you would like to create an approval system, a job application and shortlisting system, or a global survey to analyze results on Microsoft Excel, this can be done easily using Jotform Enterprise and Microsoft Power Automate.


You must have a Jotform Enterprise account to use the Jotform Enterprise connector on Microsoft Power Automate. If you are interested, you can contact enterprise sales.

When setting up a connection, you have to select Jotform Enterprise from the list of Triggers. Here are the steps:

  1. In your Microsoft Power Automate dashboard, click the Create option on the left.
  2. Choose from the options. If you wish it automated, we recommend choosing Automate Cloud Flow.
  1. Enter your Flow Name.
  2. Search for and choose Jotform Enterprise from the Choose your flow’s trigger box.
  3. Click on Create to proceed.
  1. If you haven’t connected your Jotform Enterprise account yet, you must provide it in the next window. You will be asked to provide the following:
    • Connection Name
    • Jotform Enterprise Domain
    • Jotform Enterprise API Key
  1. Next, you must select the form from the connected Jotform Enterprise account.
  2. Select from the list of 3rd party connectors from the Action dropdown — for example, Excel (Business) to add a new row to your existing Excel table.
  1. Set up your connections accordingly.
  2. Click the + New Step button to add a new step in the same connection. Otherwise, click on Save, and you should be ready to go.

We highly recommend doing a test to see if the connection works. That way, you can fix any possible errors before going live. If any issue arises in the future, you can view them through the Flow History section of the created flow. Here’s a view of that:

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