How to Use Jotform Enterprise in Power Automate / MS Flow

November 26, 2021

Before you can use the Jotform Enterprise connector on Microsoft Power Automate, you must have a Jotform Enterprise account. If you are interested, you can contact enterprise sales


Microsoft Power Automate is formerly known as the Microsoft Flow provides a premier service for business automation by connecting you to the service you use everyday Jotform Enterprise connector is available on Microsoft Power Automate making your Jotform forms more powerful than ever

Whether you would like to create an approval system, a job application and shortlisting system, or a global survey to analyze results on Microsoft Excel, this can be done easily done using Jotform Enterprise and Microsoft Power Automate 

Use Jotform Enterprise connector for your MS Flows

Microsoft PowerAutomate can be used with Jotform Enterprise edition If you are creating a new flow in Microsoft Power Automate, you can follow the next steps:

  1. Select one of ‘from blank’ options as shown on screenshot below
  1. Enter a descriptive name for your flow then enter Jotform in the search box  and select Jotform Enterprise 
  1. In order to connect your Jotform Enterprise account, the following fields must be filled out:

>>> Connection Name

>>> Jotform Enterprise Domain in a format of

>>> Jotform API Key: If you haven’t created an API key yet,  please read the instructions:

  1. Once you have a new connection ready, select a form dropdown box:
  1. Flows can be only triggered when a new submission is received to a form, you can add necessary actions by selecting New Step > Add an action 
  1. Upon saving your new flow, you can test it by sending new submission to the connected form
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