How to Add a Form to Canva

November 24, 2023

If you like to design documents on Canva, but want to use your existing forms (such as order or contact forms) from Jotform, you have the convenience of using your Jotform forms with Canva’s free account. Canva does offer fillable forms in their templates, but many are only for paid accounts. Read on to learn more on how to embed your forms into Canva.

  1. Open your Form Builder and go to the Publish tab.
Publish tab within Jotform's Form Builder
  1. Click the green Copy Link button in the Quick Share tab. You don’t have to use the Embed code for Canva. 
Jotform's Publish tab with an arrow pointing to the green copy link button
  1. Log into your Canva account and open a blank document, you can use a template too but we recommend using a blank document.
Canva's Templates page, with an arrow pointing to the blank template
  1. Once you’re in the blank document, click on the Plus button that says Add Magic on the left side of the document.
Blank Canva template with an arrow pointing to the pulse button on the blank page
  1. A dropdown menu will appear, scroll down and click on the </> Embed button.
Blank Canva document with an open dropdown menu and an arrow pointing to the embed button
  1. Paste the link you copied earlier into the box and hit enter.
Image of the form link pasted into the text box

Your form should appear in the blank document. Make sure to have your users double click to fill in the form fields. 

Image of an embedded form in a blank Canva document
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