How to Combine PDFs

April 17, 2024

Combining PDFs can often be a tricky and time consuming process. The added step of turning a form into a PDF and vie versa can even make the process feel overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve curated those workflows into one choose your own adventure help guide.

Combining Multiple Forms into One PDF

Combining multiple forms into one PDF is a two-fold process. The first part is to combine your forms, and the second is to turn them into a PDF. Once your forms are merged into one form, follow the steps below to turn them into one PDF.

  1. Go to My Forms and find the form you’d like to turn into a PDF.
  2. Click More and then click Open PDF Editor.
How to Combine PDFs Image-1
  1. When you click Open PDF Editor, the PDF Editor automatically opens a PDF with form submissions.
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  1. To create a PDF Form, click New PDF, then click New PDF Form.
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  1. Then click Create PDF Form.
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Combining Multiple PDFs into One Fillable PDF

Or you can start with PDFs and upload them to the PDF Editor. Even though you can’t combine PDFs with Jotform, you can check out our list of PDF Merging tools to help you get the job done. Then you can follow the steps below to turn them into a fillable PDF.

  1. Go to the Form Builder, then click the dropdown on the left.
  2. Click PDF Editor.
How to Combine PDFs Image-5
  1. Click New PDF Form.
How to Combine PDFs Image-6
  1. Then click Import PDF Form.
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  1. Click Upload Document.
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  1. Make sure your PDF looks okay, then you’re done!
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