How to Log in With the Recovery Codes on Your Enterprise Account

April 24, 2024

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on logging in to your Jotform Enterprise account using recovery codes. If you have lost access to your mobile device, this guide will help you regain access quickly and easily.

  1. Enter your username/email and password on your Enterprise login page.
Enterprise Jotform login page
  1. Since your 2FA authenticator is unavailable, click the See other methods.
Verification for Enterprise Jotform login
  1. Choose the Use your recovery codes option.
Recovery Code option when verifying login for Jotform Enterprise account
  1. Enter one of your recovery codes, and click the Verify button. You should be logged in after this.
Recovery code box for Jotform Enterprise

The available number of recovery codes you can use is displayed on the Settings page of your account; see below as an example:

Total number of recover codes in Enterprise Jotform account
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