How to Set Approval Reminder Emails

February 15, 2024

One of the components of Jotform’s Approval Workflow is the ability to remind people of their pending tasks in the overall workflow process. Some people are busy and could overlook important matters, so reminding them is essential to keep the workflow moving forward.

Below are the steps to setting up an approval reminder email in the Jotform Approval Builder.

  1. In the Jotform Approval Builder, click the Settings icon on the Approval or Approve & Sign element.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab of the Settings panel.
  3. Toggle Send Reminder Emails to On.
Approval Properties of the Jotform Approval Workflow showing the Send Reminder Emails option
  1. Under the Remind After, set the appropriate time interval to trigger the reminder email. The first box is the number value, and the dropdown is the Hour, Day, Week, and Month selector.
Send Reminder Emails of the Jotform Approval Workflow with its box and selector for time interval

If you wish to customize the content of the Reminder Email itself, click on the Edit button. In the customizer window, you have three tabs: Email, Recipients, and Advanced.


After customizing the reminder email, don’t forget to click the Save button to save your changes.


You’ll find both the Email Subject and Content in the Email tab. You can personalize the Email Subject with fields from the form. You can also do the same with the Email Content plus the option to add fields from the Approval Flow.

Email tab of the Reminder Email showing the Email Subject and Email Content

Clicking the small eye icon also allows you to show or hide the approval buttons, including the button to access the Jotform Inbox.

Action buttons of the approval flow in the Email Content tab


In the Recipients tab, you’ll find the boxes for Sender Name, Reply-to Email, and Recipient Emails.

Recipients tab of the Reminder Email within Jotform Approval Workflow showing the boxes for Sender Name, Reply-to Email and Recipient Email


The Advanced tab is where you’ll find the options to attach files and the option to select a Sender Email.

  • Send File Uploads as Attachments — If you have a file upload field in the form, turning this on will attach the uploaded files to the email. However, files greater than 5MB are sent as a download link.
  • Attach PDF — This option allows you to attach the PDF version of the submission to the email.
  • Attach File — Click the Upload File button to attach a custom file in the Reminder Email.
  • Hide Empty Fields — Enabled by default. This excludes fields that are not filled in the email. Disable this to attach all fields regardless if they’re filled or not.
  • Sender Email — Jotform’s default email is the Sender Email. You can add a new custom sender email by SMTP or select an already added one. See How to Set up SMTP for a Form for additional information.
Advanced tab of the Reminder Email within Jotform Approval Workflow showing the toggles for various file attachments and the dropdown for custom sender email
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