How to Require a Signature in Jotform Approvals

October 6, 2023

Aside from the usual allow or deny options available in Approval, the Approve & Sign element can also accept a signature as an additional requirement for your approvers.

Setting Up Approve & Sign

To require your approver’s signature

  1. In Jotform Approvals, add an Approve & Sign element to your approval flow.
The Approve & Sign element in Jotform Approvals
  1. Select your Approve & Sign’s gear icon to open properties.
  2. In the properties pane on the right, choose the outcomes which you require signatures for.
The require signature option in Jotform Approval
  1. Scroll down to Signer Email Address and enter your approver’s email.
The Signer Email Address field in Jotform Approvals

You can also select Form Fields in the Signer Email Address section and choose one of your form’s email fields as the approver’s email.

Dynamic signer email address in Jotform Approvals

The rest of the options are the same with the Approval element. To learn more, see Approval Element.

With this setup, depending on your settings, your approvers are required to provide their signature when they approve or deny an entry from the email or Inbox.

The signature dialog in Jotform Approvals
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