How to Set up the Approve & Sign Element in Jotform Approvals

September 6, 2021

With Jotform Approvals, the Approval element is the center of the whole approval process. This is where you add the outcomes that each approver can click. Before, when you require a signature for the approval, you used to add the signature field in the form. We’ve now integrated this into the whole approval process through Approve & Sign element.

By default, the Approval element is used when you create an Approval Flow. From the Elements tab, drag and drop Approve & Sign if you wish to require signature from the approver.

From the Approve & Sign Properties, you can then check off which outcome you wish approver to provide signature. The signature is required by default for the Approve outcome. You can check Deny and the custom outcomes.

When the options from the Require signature for is check, the buttons of the outcomes in the approval canvass will have the Signature icon in it.

All other options are the same as the Approval element. If you need to know more of the other options, please visit the following user guide instead: How to Set up an Approval Element in Jotform Approvals.

With this set up, the approver is prompted to provide the signature as soon as he/she clicks the outcome button from the email or Inbox.

Once signed, the signature of the approver appears below in Inbox, Tables and PDF Editor.

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