How to View App Submissions

April 18, 2023

As the form owner, you have complete control of your form submissions. If you’ve created an app with multiple forms, you can view the submissions for each form from a single Table. There are three (3) ways to view app submissions:

Product Navigation

While in the App Builder, click the dropdown navigation beside the Jotform Logo at the header part of the page. Click the Tables option:

Jotform Apps - View App Submissions via App Builder

My Apps

From the My Apps page, hover your mouse over to the app, and click the View Submissions option. Alternatively, you can also click the Submissions Indicator just below the App Title as highlighted from the below screenshot:

Jotform Apps - View App Submissions via My Apps

My Tables

On the My Tables page, the Tables that show the submissions of an app are displayed with a special icon next to them. The icon is in Lilac/Purple color as shown from the below screenshot. Hover your mouse over to the table and click View Table on the right side.

Jotform Apps - View App Submissions via My Tables

Jotform Tables offers a special mode to show submissions of an app:

  • Shows a tab for each form in the app (see Figure 1 from the below screenshot).
  • Applies a filter by default to show the submissions received from the particular app, Source App column. (see Figure 2 from the below screenshot)
  • Adds a new tab when a new form is added to the app.
Jotform Apps - View App Submissions Table
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