How to Store Your Data on EU Servers

February 17, 2021

JotForm is compliant with GDPR. If you are located in or do business in the European Union (EU), you must have your forms and data stored in our EU DataCenter. By default, accounts that are created from the EU region are automatically set to become GDPR compliant. However, if you think you are not yet compliant or wanted to become compliant, this guide will walk you through it. 

In My Forms Page, hover/click the My Account menu.

Click your username to go to the My Account Page.

Under Europe DataCenter, check Store my data only in Europe (Germany).

Checking the option will scan your forms. After scanning, you will get the following window with the Move button. Click that to start the process. 

You’ll get this next window where the progress is displayed:

Finally, you’ll get this last window. Close it and you’re done. We will also send an email confirmation about this. 

If you want to read more of our GDPR Compliance, please visit the following page:

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