Survey App for iPad

Jotform’s survey app for iPad offers a seamless and efficient way to build professional surveys for any occasion. This intuitive app is perfect for anyone who wants to build and send survey forms, collect user data, generate reports, and analyze results — all from their iPad or other tablet device. Conduct business easily through this app from Jotform.


Explore Free iPad Survey Templates

Don’t know where to start? Simply pick one of these ready-made survey templates and customize it with your own designs and survey questions. Then all you have to do is send your surveys to your audience to start collecting responses.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Template employee-satisfaction-survey
Template employee-satisfaction-survey

New Product Survey

Template /new-product-survey
Template /new-product-survey

Support Satisfaction Survey

Template support-satisfaction-survey
Template support-satisfaction-survey


Instantly Create Surveys

Collect Data from Anywhere

By using Jotform surveys for iPad, you can collect user data from anywhere with your own no-code, mobile-ready forms. Jotform works well on your tablet device, as well as any other mobile or desktop device — giving your users access to your surveys from wherever they are in the world.

Create and Customize Online Forms

Build online surveys that fit your exact needs by using our handy digital survey builder. Drag and drop to change fonts and colors, upload branding assets, edit survey questions, integrate with payment and scheduling widgets, and more.

Useful Tools for iPad Surveys

Conducting business on your iPad has never been easier. Enjoy Jotform’s offline data collection functionality to complete surveys on the go and use Jotform’s convenient kiosk mode to turn your iPad or mobile device into a survey station for your users.

Keep Your Information Secure

Ensure that your survey data stays secure. Jotform provides an online workspace with high-grade security — including 256-bit encryption and SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA, and Section 508 compliance. If your surveys collect sensitive health information, Jotform also offers features that enable HIPAA compliance.


What our users say about Jotform

Our team loves using Jotform because of its simplicity and ease of use. We can create a form that looks and functions exactly how we need and is easily shared across platforms. We love the kiosk mode so that we can check in users at the door with a clean display and iPad stand to make us look professional and organized. We use Jotform anytime we can and will continue to use it for years to come!

Darren Delin, Pastor, SSM Anaheim

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions about Jotform — answered. Check out our FAQs for answers to common questions, or contact our support team for further information.

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How do I create an email survey?

Creating an email survey is easy with Jotform! To create an email survey

Build a survey from scratch or use a ready-made template. Jotform offers hundreds of free survey templates to choose from, so you can get started in seconds.
Customize your survey questions. What do you want to ask your subscribers? Feel free to collect contact details, demographic information, and add unique question types that will help you gather the data you’re looking for.
Add the survey to your email. Copy and paste it into your email with a link.
Collect responses and analyze data. Once you share the email and the responses start rolling in, you’ll have the information you need to better understand your audience — and with Jotform’s analytics features, you can gain actionable insights from your data.

Can you put a survey in an email?

Yes. You can create an email survey for free with Jotform. Simply sign up for a free Jotform account to create a survey without coding, add your email survey by embedding it or copying and pasting it with a link, and send the email to your subscribers to start collecting responses.Select the survey you’d like to analyze.

Use the report feature in Jotform Tables, which allows you to view your data at a glance.
Generate more complex visual reports with Jotform Report Builder.
Share survey analysis reports with teammates or shareholders.

Are Jotform surveys free?

Yes. You can create an online survey on any Jotform plan, including our free plan. To learn more about the different plans available — including plans with higher submission limits — visit Jotform’s pricing page.

How do I send a survey through Mailchimp?

To send a survey through Mailchimp, start by creating one with Jotform’s powerful survey platform. Once you’ve built a survey with our drag-and-drop builder or customized a ready-made survey template, you can add it to a Mailchimp campaign by adding the form link as a CTA button in your email. When you send out your campaign, your subscribers can click on the button and fill out your survey. All survey responses will be sent straight to your Jotform account, where you can view and analyze survey responses to uncover important insights.

How do I embed my form into a website?

With Jotform, you can embed a form in your website in a few easy clicks. To embed a form in your website

  • Create a form with Jotform. Choose whether to build a form from scratch or get a head start with 10,000+ ready-made form templates. Add your survey questions and choose from unique question types.
  • Get your embed code. Open your form in the Form Builder and go to the Publish tab. Select the Embed tab to find your embed code.
  • Add the code to your website’s HTML. Copy the embed code and paste it directly into your website’s HTML. Jotform embed codes work with Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, and all other major website building platforms.
  • Start collecting form responses. Once you’ve published your form, submissions will be sent to your secure Jotform account — easy to view and manage on any device.

How do I connect Jotform to WordPress?

The easiest way to connect Jotform to WordPress is by embedding a Jotform form into your WordPress website with a copy-paste embed code. To add a survey to WordPress using an embed code, simply

Create a survey with Jotform’s no-code drag-and-drop builder
Open your survey in the Form Builder and go to the Publish tab
Open the Embed tab and copy the embed code
Paste the embed code into your WordPress HTML to display the form on your website
Publish the

Is Jotform safe?

Yes. Jotform protects data with GDPR and CCPA compliance, a 256-bit SSL connection, PCI DSS Level II certification, and optional form encryption and HIPAA compliance for healthcare professionals. Visit our security page to learn more about Jotform’s security features.