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    Asked on March 09, 2022 at 06:32 PM
    • Please see attached log.

    • Hello Jotform,
    • I am enjoying structuring a client interactive system in my Veterinary business, but need some help with how to direct information to one of many form options.
    • I understand the PreFill option to pass along information to one of a few options in the Thank you page. But I have a need to pass along basic information (name, pet, age, sex, breed) to one of many (around 10 to 15) potential sick exams I am developing.
    • Do you have a means to do that within the PreFill concept, or is there another way?
    • Here is my decision algorithm below:

    • Form 1: Client selects Dog or Cat and directed to a Basic Information Page
    • Form 2: Basic Information collected (Name, Phone, Email, Pet name, species, breed) and Thank you page asks them to select type of Exam (Wellness, Sick, Surgery, or Other). Information preloaded into new form
    • Dog Form:
    • Form 3a: Wellness form is an end form
    • Form 3b: Surgery form is an end form
    • Form 3c: Other form is an end form
    • Form 3d: Sick form needs to branch to one of 10-15 potential forms, so how to pass along basic information to the new forms? These will all be standardized and in a PDF format. and be submitted back to our medical team for review.
    • Sick Dog Form:
    • Form 4: These will be the various sick forms selected (10-15 total)
    • Sample Vomit/Diarrhea form:

    • Thanks for any advice. Wonderful system. My plan is to build a nested system for a group of Veterinary Hospitals using it.

    • Dr. Mark Smith

    • Page URL:

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    • Jotform Trainee Support
    • Answered on March 08, 2022 at 12:08 PM
    • Hello Dr. Mark,
    • To pass the basic information to your other form. You may add an action button to your Thank You page where the responder can select which form to fill up.
    • 1646757089_622784e1f4150_prefill option
    • And set which fields from your form you would like to prefill to the next form:
    • 1646757169_622785314c077_prefill option
    • Another option is to set a condition to redirect the responder to another form's URL based on the answer. 
    • Guide: Change Thank you Page URL Based on a Condition
    • The URL should include the query parameter.
    • Guide: How to Automatically Pass Form Data to Another Form
    • Example: I set a condition that if the responder selected service A, he/she will be redirected to the URL of my second form upon submission, where the email address will be automatically prefilled. The URL parameter I used is{email}
    • 1646758087_622788c7c6c7f_prefill option
    • To check my sample form:
    • To clone the form: How to Clone an Existing Form From a URL
    • Let us know if you have any questions.

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    • Answered on March 08, 2022 at 01:00 PM
    • Thanks MariJoy,
    • I understand the action button on the Thank you page but looks like you can only add 3 or 4 of them.
    • On the redirect to another URL, is there a limit to the number of prefill pieces of information, or the number of conditions (ie, service A through M? and about 6 pieces of information to forward on?

    • Thanks,
    • Mark
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    • Jotform Trainee Support
    • Answered on March 08, 2022 at 03:07 PM
    • Hello Dr. Mark,
    • There is no limit to the number of conditions you can set for your form and there's no limit to the number of values you can pass and populate to the 2nd form. However, most servers run with a maximum URL length of around 2,000 characters (standard), we'd suggest keeping your URL parameters as short as possible or not more than 2,000 characters.

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    • Answered on March 09, 2022 at 01:41 PM
    • Hi Marijoy,
    • I'm still having problems with passing information on to a new Sick pet form based on selecting from a multiple choice. Here is where I currently am at.

    • Basic Info seems to be working ok when I use the Thank you page to send it
    • Redirected based on Thank you page selection and passes along information ok to
    • Wellness Form receives forwarded information ok

    • Sick or Hurt Form
    • The Form Receives information ok but.....
    • Based on Multiple Choice, want to pass along information to new form but not working.
    • Somewhere in the code I think I am having a transfer issue.

    • Vomiting/Diarrhea Example form
    • Name, Email, Phone, Petname, PetAge, PetBreed, Pet Species are not passing into this form.

    • Can you help?
    • Thanks again

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    Answered on March 10, 2022 at 01:27 AM

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for getting back to us.

    My colleague already replied to the initial thread. Please find the answer to your queries in this thread.

    Also, you may refer to our help guides below to know more about Prefill feature and how to implement it on your forms.

    How to Automatically Pass Form Data to Another Form

    How to Prefill Form Fields With Data From Another Form With Form Prefill?

    If you have any other questions or concerns further, please let us know.