I want to do a simple quizz.

  • Daiana Averbuj
    Asked on August 12, 2022 at 2:34 PM

    I want to do a simple quizz. What type of mom are you?
    6 questions and
    if most questions are A they receive a specific email talking about the solution that is "controlling mom"
    if most questions are B they receive a specific email talking about the solution that is "sacrificed mom".
    if most questions are C they receive a specific email talking about the solution that is "detached mom.
    if most questions are D they receive a specific email talking about the solution that is "overprotective mom."
    How I do this????

  • Mightor JotForm Support
    Replied on August 12, 2022 at 8:10 PM

    Hello Daiana,

    Thanks for reaching out to Jotform Support. Follow the guide below if you would like to create a quiz form and send a customized Autoresponder email based on the users response. You'll first need to set up the questions. You can use a Single Choice field and edit its Calculation Values.

    1. Click on the Single Choice fields Gear Icon.
    2. Go to the Options tab.
    3. Turn-on Use Calculation Values.
    4. Write the numerical value of each answer. To classify what Autoresponder Email the user will get, you'll need to add letters after the value.

    1660345930 62f6de4a2ba12 I0812220711 Screenshot 10

    After adding the letters to the value, you will then need to add one Short Text field and one Number field per Single Choice field. You'll also need to put the two fields above of the Single Choice field. I've tried putting it below the Single Choice field but the page won't automatically move to the next page if it's placed that way.

    • The Short Text field will receive the Alphanumeric value that will be chosen on a question i.e. 2A, 2B
    • The Number field will receive the Number that will be stripped from the Alphanumeric answer.
    • Both pages will be hidden.

    Then you'll need to set the following condition to the Single Choice fields:

    1660347351 62f6e3d71afb1 condi1 Screenshot 21

    1660347362 62f6e3e2f0e61 condi2 Screenshot 32

    Add conditions on the Short Text Field:

    1660347659 62f6e50bc2e4a condi3 Screenshot 43

    Also add an Input Table field which will consolidate the scores and will also be hidden.

    1660347917 62f6e60d4ceed inp Screenshot 54

    Then add the below condition to pass the value from Short Text field to the Input Table field.

    1660348132 62f6e6e4aea36 condi4 Screenshot 65

    Add a Form Calculation widget to get the sum per letter:

    1660348425 62f6e809c8cbb calc Screenshot 76

    Create several Autoresponder Emails depending on your needs.

    1660348630 62f6e8d6c03be aut Screenshot 87

    And finally create the conditions for the Autoresponder Emails:

    1660348704 62f6e920bbe9f condi5 Screenshot 98

    Here is the form in action:

    1660348835 62f6e9a3ecafd I0812220800 Screenshot 109

    The user should receive the custom email based on their answers.

    1660348935 62f6ea070301d tes Screenshot 1110

    The extra fields that you'll need to add will be based on the number of questions and answers you need. The demo above only has three questions. You can also view the form here and clone it.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.