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Successful organizations depend on feedback, whether it comes from customers, the public, your own employees or your events. Thanks to feedback forms, you can gather information and use it to build a better working environment, increase the efficiency of your company, and provide more valuable service. To ensure that you're getting proper feedback, you need a feedback form template that captures all relevant information. With a robust collection of feedback templates, you can either choose from one of our collection of feedback form samples or start with a basic feedback form. Using the Jotform form builder you can then format and fully customize your own feedback form. Try one of our free online feedback form templates today!

Peer Evaluation

A Peer Evaluation form is a form template designed to streamline the process of collecting feedback and evaluations from peers in the workplace

Presentation Feedback Template

Whether you just gave a presentation or were a viewer at a seminar, a presentation feedback form is a great way to collect constructive feedback. Customize the presentation feedback form template to include the presenters name, commentary fields and grading rubrics. Additionally, presentation feedback templates have access to Jotform's collection of themes, apps, and widgets to help user engagement. Use our presentation feedback form sample as a guide for creating your own, customizing it to fit your needs.

Student Peer Evaluation Form

A student peer evaluation form is a tool used by teachers to collect feedback about students from their peers. No coding!

Presentation Peer Feedback Form

A presentation peer feedback form is used by students to give feedback on presentations that their peers have created in the classroom. Customize and share online.

Daycare Parent Survey

Get feedback about your daycare from parents. Free online survey template for daycares. Easy to customize and fill out. Works on any device. No coding.

Distance Learning Feedback Form For Parents

Identify the areas where the school can improve on in terms of virtual classes by using this Distance Learning Feedback Form for Parents. This template can be embedded on any webpage or be accessed via the direct link.

Parent Roles And Responsibilities Survey

A Parent Roles and Responsibilities Survey is used by teachers to assess the skills and knowledge of a student’s parents. No coding.

Relax Kids Term Feedback Form

A feedback form that can be used to get testimonial at the end of a block of sessions.

Hotel Feedback Form

Gather feedback from your guests on any device. Free online feedback form template. Easy to customize. No coding needed. Analyze results to improve your services.

Travel Satisfaction Survey

An online travel satisfaction survey is a questionnaire used to evaluate the experiences of travelers.

Tour Feedback Form

Let the customer provide valuable information about their experiences during the tour by letting them fill out this Tour Feedback Form. This form template can be accessed on any device including tablets and mobile phones.

Disney World Planning And Booking Cheatsheet

Disney World Planning and Booking Cheatsheet is an agent-facing form to help agents keep track of their Disney World client details. Save time, and be more efficient with Jotform!

Hypnotherapy Session Feedback

A hypnotherapy session feedback form is a customer feedback survey that allows clients to review the services of a hypnotherapist. Collect feedback online with Jotform!

Dental Patient Feedback Form

A Dental Patient Feedback Form is a form template designed to gather patient feedback regarding their experience with a dentist.

Group Therapy Client Feedback Form

A group therapy client feedback form is a feedback survey that allows clients to review the services of a therapist working in a group therapy setting or clinic.

Home Care Feedback Form

A home care feedback form is a survey that allows patients to provide feedback on their experience with home care services.

Teachers Assessment Form

Set your institutional standards using this Teacher Assessment Form Template. Get their strengths and weaknesses and help them improve their teaching practice. Get this template free form Jotform!

Teaching Session Feedback

A teaching session feedback form is an evaluation form used by trainers to get feedback from students. We have a free, customizable Teaching Session Feedback Form template to get you started!

Classroom Walkthrough Template

A Classroom Walkthrough is a form template designed to facilitate quick and efficient walkthroughs of classrooms in educational institutions.

Coaching Survey

A Coaching Survey is a form template designed to gather feedback and insights from sports clubs about their coaches.

Other Feedback Forms

Feedback Form

A Feedback Form is a form template designed to gather valuable insights, opinions, and suggestions from individuals or stakeholders regarding a particular product, service, event, experience, or process.

Business Forms

Event Feedback Form

Event Feedback Form allows gathering feedback attendees regarding your event, presenters, venue, services, etc. You can make a full understanding of their experience thus get valuable responses to improve your event services.

Evaluation Forms

Event Satisfaction Survey Form

If you want to improve your upcoming event, you can get suggestions from participants by using this event satisfaction survey template. This sample feedback form allows gathering overall satisfaction by categorizing the event services. These categories are location, content, price, speakers, organization.

Satisfaction Surveys

Lime Theme Contact Us Form

Light gradient green background makes the form simple and elegant looking. Simple and practical, convenient to have it on the go!

Contact Forms

Course Instructor Feedback Form

Do you want to know your student thoughts during their class? Students will give feedback about the course instructors with this instructor feedback form. This feedback format includes student ID, student email, course, instructor name, instructor feedback. You will know if the instructor is qualified.

Feedback Forms

Restaurant Evaluation Form

Customers satisfaction is important for every business and to determine that you need to survey your customers. This restaurant survey form is designed for this purpose. This restaurant evaluation form let your customers rate or evaluate the quality of your services, this includes food quality, overall service quality, cleanliness, order accuracy, speed of service and others. To deliver the highest level of service, this restaurant review form will help you easily understand your customers and their tastes based on their feedback. So if you own a restaurant and you want the quickest and hassle-free to collect feedback, this restaurant review template free is all you need!

Restaurant Evaluation Forms

Patient Feedback Form

A patient feedback form is a survey with questions that allows medical doctors to gather feedback from patients regarding their overall experience with the clinic.

Patient Feedback Forms

Training Feedback Form

A Training Feedback Form is a form template designed to collect feedback from trainees about a training session.

Education Forms

Student Survey

Find out what students think about topics like curriculum, materials, and facilities with Student Survey.

School Surveys

Exit Interview Form

HR departments can use this free Exit Interview Form to conduct exit interviews online. Customize the form and share via email to quickly collect employee feedback.

Human Resources Forms

Restaurant Feedback Form

A restaurant feedback form is a form that is used in food service establishments such as restaurants, bars, and cafeterias to collect customers’ opinions about the food, service, and cleanliness.

Customer Service Forms

Product Survey Form

A product feedback form is a good way to gauge how well (or bad) you're doing as a company. With this product survey form sample, a variety of commonly asked questions are readily available for you to use. This product survey form will ask your respondents how long they have been using your products/services, their impression on how you compete with other competitors, their satisfaction about the products/services you offer and a couple more that's related to the overall experience they had.

Product Surveys

Support Satisfaction Survey

A support satisfaction survey is used by companies to collect feedback about their customer support services.

Satisfaction Surveys

Product Customer Feedback Form 

A Product Customer Feedback Survey is a customer feedback survey that allows clients to review a company's products and services.

Customer Service Forms

Past Crushes Survey

An online past crushes survey is a questionnaire used by students to collect information about previous relationships.

Entertainment Forms

Website Survey

A website survey is used to collect information about websites, users, or the website itself.

Marketing Surveys

Employee Complaint Form

An employee complaint form is used to document a complaint from an employee against another employee, senior manager, or supervisor.

Human Resources Forms

Demographic Survey

Here is a simple demographic survey template that you can use to determine your market or to make any other research. With this demographic form for research, you can gather gender, age, education, household income and interests of the form's respondents. Use this demographics form template to start your survey now! Or, simply make your own online surveys from scratch!

Business Forms

Testimonial Form

This simple Testimonial Form template allows you to give your users an option to set the testimonial public or private, and provide your users an option to upload images and videos with their testimonial.

Evaluation Forms

Employee Feedback Form

Identify the current satisfaction of your employees and improve your company culture by using this Employee Feedback Form. This form template is simple and easy to understand.

Human Resources Forms

Session Feedback Form

A session feedback form is a questionnaire used by event organizers to gather customer reviews about their events.

Feedback Forms

E Slam Book

An e-Slam Book Form that allows respondents answer questions whichever they deem best that will initially optimize your information collection process.

Alumni Forms

My Favorite Things Questionnaire

A My Favorite Things Questionnaire is a form template designed to ask students about their favorite movie, favorite place to go, food, person, game, biggest fear, and greatest hope.

Survey Templates

Student Performance Evaluation

A Student Performance Evaluation form is a form template designed to assess and document students' academic performance, progress, and achievements.

Education Forms

1) What is a feedback form?

A feedback form is a tool that gives customers, employees, or even the public the opportunity to offer suggestions, complaints, or comments on an organization’s products and services.

These forms are popular across all industries — and for good reason. Since feedback is such a vital part of running and improving a business, it’s important to make sure your forms capture the right information and offer your business the maximum benefit possible.

2) What information should be included in a feedback form?

Feedback forms are so versatile that it’s difficult to identify any one element to include across the board. However, there are a few best practices you should consider while creating your form:

  • Don’t make fields required.
  • Allow respondents to provide open-ended comments.
  • Keep your form straightforward and simple.
  • Avoid yes/no questions.
  • Tailor questions to fit your goals.

Avoid asking generic questions so that you get more actionable data and keep your respondents engaged. Offering an easy-to-use, anonymous questionnaire not only benefits your organization, but it also helps your respondents feel comfortable providing honest feedback.

3) What are the subtypes of feedback forms?

You can customize any feedback form to fit your needs. However, there are a number of common feedback form types that most industries use. Here are a few of them:

No matter what type of form you need, Jotform likely has a feedback form template that fits your purposes. With more than 400 templates to choose from, Jotform is ready to help you gather feedback quickly and efficiently. And if you can’t find the form you need, you can easily build your own with Jotform and save it as a template for future use.

4) Who should use feedback forms?

Any organization can benefit from feedback forms by gathering important data and getting useful insights. Feedback forms are often used by

  • HR departments
  • Small businesses
  • Large organizations
  • Customer service leaders
  • Employees
  • Software developers
  • Schools
  • Doctors
  • Event planners

Regardless of your industry, your organization will benefit from feedback forms. Having access to a library of more than 400 feedback form templates with Jotform increases these benefits by saving you time, money, and effort in the creation process.

5) What are the benefits of using a feedback form?

Feedback forms are essential to the continuous improvement of business practices. Without understanding how your organization affects its clientele and employees, you have no way of knowing if you’re truly meeting your goals and your customers’ needs. These forms offer your organization a number of significant benefits, including the opportunity to

  • Improve products and services
  • Update processes
  • Understand customer needs
  • Identify potential pain points
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Optimize your work environment
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Boost efficiency

Properly implementing and analyzing customer and employee feedback forms will supercharge your organization. By eliminating pain points and improving the customer experience, you’ll stay ahead of the competition and build a better experience for your customers and employees alike.

6) What are the typical use cases of feedback forms?

Organizations use feedback forms for various purposes, and the information they gather can deliver significant benefits. Some common use case examples include

The key to getting the most out of your feedback forms is to tailor them to fit your exact needs. Relying on generic feedback forms will likely yield equally generic feedback.

7) How do I create a feedback form?

How you build a feedback form depends on your resources and the purpose of the form. To build a feedback form from scratch using Jotform, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Jotform Form Builder .
  2. Name your feedback form and update your header with your logo or other branding elements.
  3. On the left, click the Add Form Element (+) button to search for form fields.
  4. To add your form fields, just drag and drop them onto your form.
  5. Select the Form Designer button (the paint roller icon) on the right to customize your form’s design.
  6. Once you’re done, use the Publish button at the top right to share it with your desired recipients in the way that best suits your needs.

Don’t have time to create a new form? Jotform has more than 400 feedback form templates to choose from. Find a template that best fits your purposes and update the visuals, body copy, and headings accordingly.

8) How do I customize a feedback form template?

Templates are a helpful resource that will save you time and effort, especially if you need to create forms quickly or for many uses. With more than 400 feedback form templates available, Jotform makes finding and customizing templates easy.

To customize a template in Jotform, choose one from the template library, then click the Use Template button. This will allow you to update your template to match your brand and purpose. By customizing a template instead of building a form from scratch, you’ll avoid the time-consuming design and building process — so you can get started gathering feedback even faster.

If you want to use an existing form you’ve relied on for years, Jotform can help with that, too. Simply upload the form using Jotform’s PDF Editor to customize your visuals, add form fields, and send it via email or link. Embed your form on your website, use forms offline, and manage submissions — all through Jotform’s powerful suite of tools.