Free Dental App Builder

Create your own dental app with Jotform’s free, easy-to-use app builder. Whether you’re just starting up your dental practice or looking for a new way to organize your patient information, Jotform has you covered. Create secure forms, organize patient information, and collect payments, all in one place.


Explore Free Dental App Templates

Don’t know where to start? Try one of our ready-made dental app templates to get your creativity going. Customize it for your practice, add widgets, and integrate with your choice of 25+ payment gateways.

تطبيق طبيب الأسنان

Template dentist-app
Template dentist-app

تطبيق إدارة المرضى

Template patient-management-app
Template patient-management-app

تطبيق مواعيد طبيب

Template doctor-appointment-app
Template doctor-appointment-app


Manage Your Dental Clinic with Jotform Apps

منشئ التطبيقات بالسحب والإفلات

Customize your dental app in seconds with Jotform’s app builder. Drag and drop to upload images and videos, add patient forms, collect signed documents, create buttons, and much more — all without any coding knowledge.

Customize Your App

Design your own app by using Jotform’s app builder to change colors and fonts, upload your logo, and add helpful widgets. Create an easy-to-remember, custom URL for your app. Personalize your online app exactly the way you want with Jotform.

شارك تطبيقك

Share your app by linking to it in your social media profiles, sending email invitations, generating a scannable QR code, or seamlessly embedding it in your website. Patients can then fill out dental forms on your app from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Track Data with Jotform Tables

Track and manage your patient list, insurance information, and more with Jotform Tables — our powerful spreadsheet-database software. View your data in the way that works best for you: as a spreadsheet, a calendar, or individual cards.

Set Appointments and Collect Payments

Start scheduling patient appointments right away by adding an appointment form or integrating with your current calendar app. Manage your schedule, collect payments, and create reports all in one place. Pick from 25+ payment integrations for your app to seamlessly collect co-pays and more.


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ساعدت مسارات العمل المتقدمة والتكامل السحابي في Jotform في تطوير رعاية أكثر بساطة للمرضى. خلقت أدوات Jotform التي تركز على الرعاية الصحية مع الامتثال لقانون HIPAA بيئة آمنة لتخزين المعلومات الصحية الشخصية وبيانات الأعمال.

Edward Darrah, Counselor, Edward Darrah Counseling

Learn More About Dental Apps

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What is a dental app?

A dental app is an online app that allows dental offices to organize and run their practices efficiently, from any device.

What is a dental app used for?

Dental practices can use a dental app to organize and collect patient information and payments. You can even integrate with apps like Calendly and Zoom to schedule appointments.

Why would you want to build an app for your dental practice?

An app for your dental practice can help keep all your information secure and centralized. With Jotform, you can even gain access to HIPAA compliance features.

Is it easy to create an app with Jotform?

Yes, it’s very easy to create an app with Jotform! Our drag-and-drop app builder requires no coding knowledge, so anyone can make their own app in minutes. To get started, create an account and either choose an app template or start building your app from scratch.

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