How to Share Jotform Apps

August 16, 2023

Apps created with Jotform Apps can be shared in multiple ways. Just go to the Publish tab at the top of the App Builder to start sharing. You can share the app via a direct link, via email, or by downloading a QR code to be scanned on users’ mobile devices. You can also share your app directly to social media.

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There are three access settings to choose from for your app link: Public, Private, and Company Access. Links are set to public access by default. Click Settings to the right of the App Link to change the access type.

Public Apps

By default, your app is set to public. That means users can view the app without logging in or signing up for a Jotform account.

Under Options for Public Access, you’ll find the following options:

  • Require registration – which means users will need to register an account with Jotform to view the app. This option doesn’t automatically add the user as an invitee.
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Private Apps

If you choose Private Access, users must log in to Jotform or sign up for an account to access the app. They can’t view the app without an account, regardless of whether they’ve been invited to use it or have access to the app’s direct URL. The Share Link will have a unique key in it, which automatically adds the user as an invitee to the app.

Under Options for Private Access, you’ll find the following options:

  • Require registration – which is checked by default, and can’t be unchecked.
  • Allow users to access their submission – it’s check by default. Again, this means users can access their submissions any time through the app.
  • Set custom expiration date for Share Link – you can set the private link to expire at a specific date and time. Once the date and time passes, users can no longer access the app. They’ll get a prompt (see the screenshot below) to request access to the app.
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Company Apps

Similar to Private Access, Company Access requires users to log in or sign up before they can access the app. The difference is they are required to enter your company or organization’s email domain or choose a single sign-on (SSO).

Please note that the SSO option is available only for our Enterprise users.

You can also set a custom expiration date for the app link here. When the date and time passes, the company or organization member has to request access to regain access, and you, as the app creator, will have to grant the request before the app can be viewed.

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Invite by Email

To send an invitation to the app by email, just enter the recipient’s email address and click the Send Invitation button. You can invite multiple users, but we recommend only inviting up to 10 users at a time.

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The user will receive an email with a button to open the app.

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Download the QR code

Another alternative for publishing the app is a QR code. You can download the QR code for your app and share it with your users through a custom email or other channels such as chat or social media. You can also copy the embed code to display the QR code on your website.

When users scan the QR code, the app will open on their device. Make sure you set the appropriate access level for users through the app link settings before you download or copy the QR code to share.

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