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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello there! I’m Podo, a friendly cat with a knack for building purrrfect forms. It’s nice to finally meet you :)

You may be asking yourself: “Who is this cat, and what does this have to do with JotForm?” 

Well, consider me to be the new face of a team dedicated to making online forms easy. I’m here to help JotForm users discover answers to important questions, learn about innovative new features, and to celebrate special occasions with. All I ask for in return is the occasional head scratch and warm bowl of milk. 

Some fun facts about me: 

I’m a rescue from a shelter, where I previously learned how to build awesome forms using JotForm.
Jestem biegły w ponad 18 językach. (Polish for “I’m fluent in 18 different languages”)
There’s nothing in the world I enjoy more than helping JotForm users. And tuna. I LOVE tuna.
I’m dangerously cute. Obviously. 
I’m a big fan of Twitter (like all cats). Hashtag #askpodo if you have any fun questions for me! 
I am designed by the JotForm Design Team, you can read the back story here

So don’t be alarmed when you see me around. I’ll be hanging out on various pages, social media posts, newsletters, blog posts, and even a video every now and again. And if you’re allergic, don’t worry, I’m only on the computer! Feel free to say hi whenever you see me. 

Are you a cat(ish) person? On a level of 1 to 10, how adorable do you find me? Let me know in the comments! 


  • Vesna_Bosancic

    10 :)

  • MatlinLtdCo

    Your Forms Are Very Good I am Using them In Many Instances

  • itsupport.aurangabad

    hi podo

  • EltonCris

    I'll go for 10! Nice one Podo. :)

  • theinfluencefactor

    Cute ... I wonder if you're friends with the giraffe from AutoPilot, the monkey from MailChimp or the owl from Hootsuite? I'd love to see a group picture one day!!!

  • CristinaPotlog

    Nice to meet you, Podo!

  • ladivas

    theinfluencefactor "Cute ... I wonder if you're friends with the giraffe from AutoPilot, the monkey from MailChimp or the owl from Hootsuite? I'd love to see a group picture one day!!!".............funny

  • Welvin

    Hey Podo :) Of course, it's 10 :)

  • Richard3700


  • amhomelife

    Cute, but your name should be Jofo or Joro. THanks. we will be needing help to translate our form into Chinese.

  • eiencreaciones

    Encantador, un 10 por supuesto.

  • fernandofmg

    Hello, Podo. You deserve a 9, so you have to figure ways to be cuter :)

  • Authenticducs

    hi poooddoo lol

  • cbroadway

    I'm curious why the cat has a belly button.

  • parts_and_crafts

    Wait, are you related to a certain paperclip?

  • neda_fj

    best forms ever :) thanks Podo

  • Nokuphiwa


  • infazure

    Aytekin Hocam çok başarılı bir uygulamanız var, aradığımız her şey mevcut. Ellerinize sağlık.

  • mvhealthsystem

    (__) Can of tuna for ya!

  • yvazquez

    Awesome...A can of fresh tuna for you!!!

  • ColasRoadbridge

    Since PODO turned up I cant view my forms to add data. Please can you advise

  • dallaschamber

    How i create a pdf that looks nice enough to send to clients

  • Nabil

    one of my colleagues have an online application that i'm trying to copy and modify, is there a way to do this?

  • Aury

    Hello Podo, you are welcome to the family, thumbs up!!

  • lblanco3

    Jesuuus here i was thinking jotform couldnt get any better

  • jackieohs

    Hi podo!

  • nlc-reference


  • swurvradio

    Can I borrow a few dollars Podo?


    Cute! 10

  • diplomadosinfo


  • arzateadriana

    10 :D

  • AISF

    cute! 10

  • lafototeca

    10. Nice one.


    10 :)

  • abeey1842

    Hello Podo it's a pleasure meeting you!

  • LNLAttorneys


    Yay Podo!

  • adnankanarli

    My name is AB Proje Akademisi
    How are you?

  • adnankanarli

    İstanbul - Turkey

  • mp2012

    Hola Podo! sos muy lindo!

  • sccreslife0621

    Is that a "Mac"kerel PC?

  • emmanuelcollege

    ok I read the blog post, now can Podo stop greeting me every time I log in.

  • stevedup

    Heyyy Podo!!

  • emucoe

    Cześć, Podo!

  • b20220615

    hello podo.......

  • fcrc

    What a great idea. Well done to the team at JotForm. This is a fun and engaging character and a great way of helping users. I love the characterisation of Podo and that he is a rescue! Well done working this important social issue into his story. I'm impressed!

  • Mindy

    Hi Podo! You are easy to like. After all, you are my favorite color! I look forward to working with you!

  • DamienMB

    Hi Podo, can you please deploy an editable grid for submissions?

  • vietnamtypicaltours

    Hello Podo, firstly, I thank you and your team for creating a useful tool. I have had wonderful experience due to your great services
    During the using time, I have a problem is collecting the titles of the links. So I will be very happy and grateful to hear that my problem is solved. Thanks all of you very much !

  • samantha_EG

    10! You will look even cuter with a bow or a cap :)

  • Sunflowerwindy

    You are really dangerously cute!!

  • Simit27

    We call it Kedi or Pisik.

  • iamweb

    nice! 10!

  • carterm1

    10, love the concept, and the cat

  • virtualify


  • cagri1975

    pado kedimiz çok sevimli 10 puan verdim

  • ryan.christensen

    if we want to change the way our form print out how can we do that

  • brandiebarbee

    Well this is adorable. Love JotForm and love Podo!

  • JoAnna

    Lol this is cute. 10 out of 10

  • ravtv

    it's hard to make flat designed thing cute. you guys did it very well.
    but: that's a little bit weird and unserious. i would expect such things on facebook or anything, but not on an professional form designer. it's too childish.
    and also: little animated helpers got that negative "clippy" touch. you know? clippy from microsoft office. the annoying little helper.

  • Redlich

    Very good platform

    What i love most is the ability to integrate widgets(lots of widgets) to build a desired form

    Kudos to the JotForm team

  • Marie

    You are cute, but I'm a dog lover :)

  • jbellamy

    Hi Podo! I admit wholeheartedly I am a canine mom all the way but you're cute so I think you'll grow on me. LOVE Jotform!

  • R4K

    Hi, Podo!

  • rtaran03

    Hi Prodo, you're a 10!!

  • Edemar

    Show é 10.

  • protees

    ohhh you're a cat!!!

  • algonzmx

    :3 10

  • sirmichaelj

    Heeeyy Podo. I'll never need you because Jotform is so easy to use. Oh, and yeah, ok, your cute.

  • cartoonous

    Hi Podo, I can make you a partner as cute as you.. just let me know your type ;)

  • Viv

    Hi How do I chang amy name as it appears in my reply email?

  • fuerzatoros

    Lindo. Gracias por ayudarnos :)

  • todaythanjavur

    nice forms. i am very happy

  • 1to1

    LOL @ :

    parts_and_crafts (July 07, 2015 at 09:37 AM)

    Wait, are you related to a certain paperclip?

  • sokar

    ok :)

  • mssmarketing

    Hi Podo! You're a 10 in my book!

  • tutorbydenise

    Hello Podo. Does your name have a meaning? You're a little funny looking but I kinda like it. Jotform is the greatest. I love it. I'm just starting to really use it for pre and post-test assessments. I'm finding more and more things to use it. I'll give your looks a 8. I haven't had to use for anything. I give Jotform a 10!

  • inventomx

    10 =)

  • formtoform

    I loved to use your forms and the steps and tool i am very big fan all of that. thank you so much to give such a easy thing.

  • gceit

    As an avid jotform user and cat lover, I believe that podo will increase my form production tenfold and the addition of podo to the jotform website is the best thing any company could have done. Ever. 10 Btw.

  • thepret

    I'll go for 10! Nice one Podo :-)

  • CPebooks

    Can I expense milk purchases for said cat? :)

  • boomerang88

    I'll go for 10! Nice one Podo ^___^

  • msmarie36

    Very cute! Thanks Podo!:)

  • mcioni

    A much cuter version of the paperclip from the old Word doc software. :-)

  • TTISupport

    This is great! 10 +++ for Podo!

  • gracekennedy

    so cute!

  • mitsukoki

    8 :)

  • RebelfishLocal


  • gmwebcreation

    Ok Poodle

  • urbanfairways

    Fantastic thank you!

  • Francia

    100 !

  • Aleksandra


  • leangalsnocals

    You're very cute.. We really love Jotform , pretty simple for a technophobe like me to use and I'm still learning, but it's straightforward steps and its great on Facebook.. 10/10

  • EliteInsites

    I despise cats

  • gayescortlondon

    I hate cats too. Selfish and unpredictable. Combine that with claws what is to like?

  • unbreakable

    hi podo

  • wilts

    Have two. One is like a child needing the attention (like you? lol) The other is skittish to all but my daughter.

  • beatylaw

    You appear to be a waste of screen space-an indulgence of your techies without apparent value to us-the user

  • sugarmags

    @cbroadway - All cats (like all mammals) have bellybuttons :) @beatylaw - just wow. Such a lawyer thing to say, geez. @Podo - I think you are adorable and a great addition to Jotforms. Every good tech company needs a mascot, and you have more personality than most. Cheers!

  • mzeboina

    I hv two kitten they r far more cutter than U Podo. but U r smart
    I give U 12 out of 10 :D

  • buckwheatjones

    Hey Podo. Good to meet 'cha. Yes you are're not as cute as my cat!

  • fhabi

    you're awesome, like one of my cats! you're just ahead of 18 languages! haha! :)

  • gathuma

    Hi Podo, am no longer getting 3 forms I have created on My Forms Menu.
    I would like to edit them.
    Kind regards

  • evacademy

    I'm not much of a cat person. I am highly allergic. So I give you a 1. But just forms are good. Why don't you have dog version too?

  • vincent2

    bonjour PODO

  • bgspanama

    10/10 u are so cute PODO

  • John

    Ugh neighbor lets them breed under his house and now they live on my porch.

  • ComplianceChief

    Hi make me smile!!!

  • cfrogwoman

    Thanks for a bit of fun in what can be nauseatingly annoying: filling in paperwork.... you rock big time...

  • Chillibreeze

    Hi There Podo! I don't like cats but you might change my mind because you are too cute! :)

  • johnnixon

    Nice! That's pretty funny and helpful too!


    10 ^^

  • wgespto

    Pretty Stinkin' Cute!

  • weedot


  • Sadiqimam

    Cool beans! :)

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